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WM Strains Madness 2021: The Fire Four have arrived

We've finally reached the Fire Four. OG Kush was the biggest blowout win, with over 3,000 votes ahead of Alien Kush. Over on the other side of the bracket we had our first major upset as 6th seeded Purple Haze barely scraping past 1st seeded Blue Dream in a nail-biting 51% to 49% finish.  Heavyweights Gelato and Pineapple Express came out on top against equally famous Sour Diesel and GG4, but with the popularity of that lineup, the wins could have gone either way.  Here's what the field looks like now: Quick note: don't forget to vote on Weedmaps' Instagram stories. Polls will stay open until Thursday 4:20 p.m. PST.  Now, let's dive into the two fourth-round matchups and the four strains competing. (1) OG Kush v. (1) Gelato Just like last year, here we go again with mega-star competitors Gelato and OG Kush. But can OG Kush take down Gelato for the second time, or will the delicious dessert strain reign supreme? Personally, I think it's time we rally around the underdog.  Winner: TBD (6) Purple Haze v. (1) Pineapple Express Pineapple Express is used to sitting at the Fire Four table, as it beat out Alien OG in the third round in 2020. But, Purple Haze is a beefier contender. At this point in the competition, either could go to the final round.  Winner: TBD Hannah Meadows Hannah is a Seattle-based writer and editor. She’s worked in the cannabis industry for three years and continues to learn and explore.

WM Strains Madness 2021: The Dank 16

Strains are out here dripping trichomes like sweat drops, and the rounds are only getting spicier as the legendary strains find themselves up against the Diaper Dandies that newer consumers are starting to hold as the People's Champs. Granddaddy Purple thought stuff was sweet and found out MAC isn't here to play. Will Alien Kush face the same fate? Is it scary hours for Pineapple Express?  The field now looks like this:  Quick note: don't forget to vote on Weedmaps' Instagram stories. Polls will stay open until Saturday 4:20 p.m. PST.  And with that, let's jump into our Dank 16 matchups. Top Shelf (#1) OG Kush vs (#2) Wedding Cake After seeing the way OG Kush handled Strawberry Cough in the first round, it's hard to think that the defending 2020 Strain Madness champion won't claim the 2021 trophy as well — even against a new-school legend like Wedding Cake. It's like yeah, Giannis is nice, he got the MVP; but LeBron is forever LeBron, and what's happened every time people doubt LeBron? This one's for all the West Coast marbles. Winner: TBD (#3) Alien Kush vs (#5) MAC Alien Kush had it easy in the first round against a WiFi Cake that people might not even be up on yet. But Miracle Alien Cookies? People are BIG smoking MAC right now. I literally burnt down a pre-roll of it yesterday after climbing a mountain, and that was before we knew it had gotten Coach Ken Estes and GDP up outta there. In the battle of galactic hybrids, which team will continue on in Strain Madness 2021? The sweet and extremely relaxing Kush or the earthy and potently uplifting Cookies?  Choose your Alien now. Winner: TBD Shelf 2 (#1) Gelato vs (#2) AK-47 You know when dudes grow up and think they can finally beat up their dads, only to find out that dad's Grown Man Strength has come into its full potential when he pins them to the living room floor with just his forearm as Marvin Gaye's Inner City Blues plays in the background? That's what happened to Ice Cream Cake in the first round vs. Gelato. Now the famed dessert strain continues its expected path against AK-47.  This is probably the nap game. Winner: TBD (#3) Banjo vs (#5) Sour Diesel If we're going by the votes, then Bubba Kush should never say Sour Diesel's name again. Additionally, Banjo better be putting together its best possible gameplan, because if history has anything to say, it's that Sour Diesel is still, and forever, one of the top strains in all of Strain Madness. But in this matchup of sativa-dominance, will legacy be enough to knock off the super tasty and super fun high in Banjo? Winner: TBD Shelf 3 (#1) Blue Dream vs (#2) Green Crack On shelf 3, we've got the battle of all battles: Blue Dream vs Green Crack. These are two of the most famous, storied, and sought-after strains that have ever existed.  In Round 1, Blue Dream dropped a Russell Westbrook 20/20/20 triple-double on 13 Dawgs' headtop. Green Crack did the exact same to Apple Fritter. Now what will they do with each other? This is the Kobe (RIP) vs LeBron playoffs matchup that we never got.  Winner: TBD (#6) Purple Haze vs (#5) Super Lemon Haze In the fight of its life, we thought Forbidden Fruit might emerge victorious, but nope. The ghost of Jimi Hendrix came through like Kadeem Hardison in the Sixth Man and helped give Purple Haze the fourth quarter boost that it needed. Beaten, battered, but still breathing, Purple Haze now rides its momentum into the Dank 16, where it faces off against its sister strain, Super Lemon Haze. Game of Thrones had the Cleganebowl, this is the weed version of that. Winner: TBD Shelf 4 (#1) Pineapple Express vs (#2) Biscotti Pineapple Express beat the crap out of Alpha Blue. There is quite literally no other way to put it.  Out of the 5,391 people that voted on the Round 1 matchup, 82% of y'all sent Alpha Blue packing. It was so ugly that Alpha Blue didn't even go back to the locker room, it just headed straight to the buses from the court. Biscotti may be one of Lil' Baby's favorite strains, but Seth Rogan never made a movie about it. Will the 2-seed upset Shelf 4's top dog?  You tell us.  Winner: TBD (#3) GMO Cookies vs (#4) GG4 GMO Cookies is the most in-every-strain, on-every-shelf, hybrid that I know of today. It's so inescapable that I'm glad I love it, cause otherwise, I'd walk out of a lot of dispensaries with empty hands and an emptier heart. That's why it's no surprise that it blew past a niche, Cookies-exclusive strain like Pink Rozay.  GG4's built different though. GG4 ain't no slouch. GG4's out for blood. GG4 had absolutely no problem with GMO Cookies' parent strain in the first round, and now it wants the baby too.  Can GG4 do what Scar in the Lion King couldn't? We expect this one to be an absolute nail-biter. Winner: TBD Dante Jordan Danté Jordan is a freelance writer, video producer, and media consultant specializing in cannabis culture, strains, products, education, and everything else related to that lil’ green flower. Contact him at dantenetworks(at)gmail(dotcom), or dante_jordan on Instagram. His website is

7 rainbow-themed products you'll actually want to buy

St. Patrick's Day is mostly known for shamrocks, gold, and leprechauns. But one of our favorite standout themes of the classically charming holiday is bright, colorful rainbows. And what better way to celebrate the luckiest day of the year than with a stash of beautiful cannabis products? Below, get your hands on some gorgeous bongs, vapes, rolling papers, and more and create your own pot of gold — with a little green, of course.   Rainbow Cloud Bong from Canna Style Somewhere over the rainbow, you'll find this sweet bong from Canna Style. Made of heavy borosilicate and standing at 7.8 inches, or about 20 centimeters, it's the perfect piece to brighten your glass collection. We recommend loading this unique setup with Rainbow Sherbet to truly float you off to the clouds.  Searching for something even more vivid? Check out Canna Style's Neon Rainbow Recycler Bong. You can also choose a rig attachment for tasty dabs.  Price: $78 Tie Dye Coral Gardens Rolling Papers from Papers+Ink Absolutely color-soaked, these rolling papers from Paper+Ink are a stunning way to impress your friends — and yourself — with a delightful take on the classic joint. The organic, unbleached papers are offered in full kits or mini-packs, in which you'll receive king-sized sheets and slim filters. And what better strain to roll up with these saturated beauties than Pot of Gold? You'll feel like you've found one by the time you roach these rainbow papers anyway.  Price: $28 for the full kit, $14 for the mini pack Minimalist Pipe from Gadzyl The Minimalist Pipe from Gadzyl adds sweet pastels to your everyday collection, and it's positively delightful. The bowl is made of heat-resistant stainless steel, while the exterior is handmade polymer clay.  If you're planning to dabble in a little wake-and-bake to celebrate St. Patrick, you'll want to load the bowl with delicious Irish Cream and start your day with an energetic buzz.   Price: $51.25 UV Horned Unicorn Bowl from Empire Glassworks Rainbows are doubly associated with magical unicorns — which is what you'll feel like when hitting the UV Horned Unicorn Bowl from Empire Glassworks. Plus, the horn glows in the dark, so you'll always find your way.  Make it even more enchanting with Rainbow Kush for a happy and relaxed session.  Price: $55 Rainbow Iridescent Ashtray from Mary Jae From LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and womxn-owned brand Mary Jae, this ceramic Rainbow Iridescent Ashtray features built-in joint rests and is so bright and colorful, you'll want to feature it front and center on your coffee table. Price: $20 Electric Pink Eggshell Bong from Noble Glass Available in four sizes, these precious handmade Electric Pink Eggshell Bongs from Noble Glass are one of a kind. The rainbow streak across the stem adds a touch of whimsy to an already beautiful pink-and-purple piece.  Add a little green to the mix with Green Queen for a flowery-tasting strain that matches the feel of the bong.  Price: $85 (prices vary by size) Dragoo Resin Vape Cartridge from Vapmod  Vapmod's simple and compact Dragoo Resin Vape is perfect to hit before hunting for gold — or to simply enjoy the day while soaking in the good luck around you. This pretty handheld device fits most 510 cartridges and has a preheat function and four heat settings.  Search for a Lucky Charms cartridge to end the holiday on a charming note.    Price: $34 Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps Hannah Meadows Hannah is a Seattle-based writer and editor. She’s worked in the cannabis industry for three years and continues to learn and explore.

Weedmaps Strains Madness: Tuesday madness begins with 32 strains facing off

Weedmaps' Strain Madness is well underway as the two wild card slots are now voted in. Congratulations to Strawberry Cough and Ice Cream Cake for making it into two of the 8th seeds where they will face up against the 1st seeds, OG Kush and Gelato, respectively.  And thanks to everyone who voted in wild cards on Sunday. There were more than 500 submissions, many of which were expected (Jack Herer, Bruce Banner, Skywalker OG, Cereal Milk), and some of which were less than expected (False Teeth, Pie Hoe).  A quick note on the Sunday submissions: Due to trademark concerns, we omitted submissions for strains named after the hero of a classic space opera, and some strains named after candy and cereal. Quick thing: don't forget to vote for round 1 today, March 16, on Weedmaps' Instagram stories. Polls will stay open until Wednesday 4:20 p.m. PST.  And with that, let's dive into the 16 first-round matchups and the 32 strains competing.   Top shelf (1) OG Kush v. (8) Strawberry Cough  OG Kush is perhaps the most storied and legendary strain in all of weed culture. Its origin story is one of the most discussed topics in weed, and being able to grow it is a rite of passage among cultivators. OG Kush is renowned for its potency and effects and has stayed relevant on retail menus to this very day.  Strawberry Cough is the strain that you all know and love (and volunteered). A clear fan favorite, Strawberry Cough is rumored to have hailed from Connecticut and is an uplifting cross of Haze and Strawberry fields. But can it take down one of the most popular strains of all time?  Winner: TBD (2) Wedding Cake v. (7) 24K Gold Wedding Cake has become one of the go-to strains among weed enthusiasts. Famed L.A. growers Jungle Boys have put Wedding Cake on the map and into the conversation among the likes of Gelato and Biscotti. Last year Wedding Cake entered the tournament as a 4th seed but this year it jumped up to a 2nd seed.  A cross of Tangie and Kosher Kush, 24k Gold is a staple out of Amsterdam that has gone through a couple of name changes, so that may hurt its chances in the long run — but it's so delicious, it may just hold its own.    Winner: TBD (3) Alien Kush v. (6) WiFi Cake If you're feeling frisky, Alien Kush may be the answer. A true California native, its arousing and focused effects make it a clear contender for Strain Madness.  But Alien Kush isn't the only strain that can take you to space and back. WiFi Cake is a true match in this competition with superstar parents Wedding Cake and White Fire OG.  Winner: TBD (4) GDP v. (5) MAC Granddaddy Purple is a mega-popular staple coming out of Northern California. Of course, it made its way — once again — to our annual Strain Madness battle. Can it take over the sleeper favorite MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies)? Winner: TBD Shelf 2 (1) Gelato v. (8) Ice Cream Cake Gelato made it all the way to the fire 4 last year, only to lose to the eventual champion, OG Kush. Like last year, Gelato is backed by the rap community. Rappers love name-dropping weed strains, Gelato chief among them.  But can it beat out a fan-favorite write-in? Ice Cream Cake showed its true colors in the cannabis community as a strain to be reckoned with — you voted it in as adversary to popular Gelato. Winner: TBD (2) AK-47 v. (7) Wedding Crasher A staple from the early 90s, AK-47 has won tons of awards at various cannabis cups throughout the 2000s. Winning this round would be another notch on AK's belt. But tasting like grapes and vanilla, Wedding Crasher shouldn't be discounted — it could win with its delicious makeup and euphoric effects. Winner: TBD (3) Banjo v. (6) Apples & Bananas Hailing from Santa Cruz-based breeder Strong Agronomy, Banjo offers an ultra-uplifting high that may just overtake the unique taste of its challenger: Apples & Bananas. Both strains are first-time contenders in Strain Madness, and are an even match when it comes to strain favorites.  Winner: TBD (4) Bubba Kush v. (5) Sour Diesel Bubba Kush was produced accidentally in Matt Berger's garden in the 90s and is a cross between Northern Lights and Kush. Since then, it's become one of our most coveted strains.  Meanwhile, Sour Diesel is also one of those storied strains from the 90s weed scene that not only garners respect from longtime stoners and growers but manages to stay relevant among a sea of new strains and trends. It's also well-loved among sativa enthusiasts, and we don't see that reverence ever diminishing.  These two strains make the ultimate 90s kids battle.  Winner: TBD Shelf 3 (1) Blue Dream v. (8) 13 Dawgs Blue Dream is probably the most popular strain in the modern age of weed, which makes it also one of the most hated strains by weed snobs. Last year, Blue Dream suffered a disappointing loss to Gelato in the 1st round. This year the seeding placed it against a less challenging opponent in the opening matchup.  But don't overlook the creative and energetic effects of Canadian-bred 13 Dawgs — nothing's set in stone until it's all said and voted on.  Winner: TBD (2) Green Crack v. (7) Apple Fritter Despite the name, Green Crack is a staple in most retailers and delivery menus, so it's no surprise to not only see it in the competition but in a strong seed. Green Crack reportedly has ties to Snoop Dogg, which doesn't hurt when it comes to name recognition. We wouldn't be surprised to see it in the next round after duking it out with delicious Apple Fritter. Winner: TBD (3)  Forbidden Fruit v. (6) Purple Haze Forbidden Fruit is all sweet, fruity flavor, and a day-to-day favorite for many consumers. This strain seems to have taken Tangie's place as the fruity strain of choice as of late, and it's cool to see it as a 3 seed. According to Sam the Skunkman, Purple Haze originated in Colombia, a phenotype of the standardized Haze cultivar he bred during the 60s and 70s. It's an excellent matchup to Forbidden Fruit where either strain could come out on top.  Winner: TBD (4) Mimosa v. (5) Super Lemon Haze Mimosa is celebrated for its sweet and citrusy flavors and reported energetic and uplifting effects. Like the brunch drink it's named for, Mimosa is a popular strain for daytime-use. On the flip side, Super Lemon Haze is also a celebrated day-time strain, so we're looking at two heavyweights in wake-and-bake circles for the first round of Strain Madness. Winner: TBD Shelf 4 (1) Pineapple Express v. (8) Alpha Blue Pineapple Express has so much going for it. Not only is it a solid strain with reportedly balanced effects and fruity flavors, it's also an A-list movie star that took 2nd place in last year's competition. But don't label Alpha Blue as an underdog here; it's a standout sativa that won second place as Best Sativa in High Times Medical Cup in both Denver and in San Francisco in 2011 and is still going strong.  Winner: TBD (2) Biscotti v. (7) Bonkers Biscotti is a clear favorite among weed enthusiasts. Developed by the iconic Cookies Fam Genetics, founded by rapper Berner and grower Jigga, Biscotti is a descendant from GSC, Gelato #25, and South Florida OG. This strain has reached icon status in the last several years and isn't likely to go down without a fight.  Can Bonkers take on that fight? There are reportedly two versions of Bonkers on the cannabis market, one from Exotic Genetix who crossed Cookies and Cream with Lemon Tree, and the other from Next Generation Seeds who combined Grapefruit, Burmese, Purple Indica, and a ruderalis cultivar for their take on the unique strain. Bonkers could be a double take-down on popular Biscotti. Winner: TBD (3) GMO Cookies v. (6) Pink Rozay GMO Cookies and Pink Rozay are two heavy-hitting strains with huge support from their fans, so it'll be a suspenseful knock-down challenge when it comes to declaring a winner.  Winner: TBD (4) GG4 v. (5) GSC GG4 is an absolute monster of a strain. Consistently on lists of high THC strains, GG4 is synonymous with potency and known for being one of the first strains to test at above 30% THC in the days when cracking the thirties was unheard of.  Meanwhile, GSC is a modern marvel in strain form. Another Cookie Fam original, GSC has won multiple awards and continues to be one of our most sought after strains. A true matchup if we've ever seen one.  Winner: TBD

5 weed products legendary breeder MzJill can't live without

When it comes to weed history, MzJill is definitely one of the pioneers that helped birth this thriving legal industry. Owner of MzJill Genetics, and co-founder of the world famous TGA Genetics, she's been breeding some of our favorite weed strains for over 25 years. Jill's been here since the days of hiding plants in bushes and having to be hush-hush on helping medical patients, and she's still here in the days of big corporate cannabis and the cultural changes that come with it. “25 years ago, everything was founded for a handshake, we were more out for each other. It wasn't so cut-throat, there was an unspoken word of loyalty. Now, as we move into the legal market, I do see an influx of people who are not necessarily about the plant or the patient. But I am grateful that medicine is more readily available to patients,” said the seed breeding legend. The mother of Jilly Bean is an old school grower from the forum days of You're probably most familiar with TGA Genetics and her partnering with the late Subcool (TGA Subcool Seeds/TGA Genetics/The Dank). Her first real plant that she ever grew was a Cinderella 99 BX (backcross), and she and Sub blessed the world with famous strains like Agent Orange, Space Queen, and Vortex. “Agent Orange was one of the first ones that Sub and I did together. I used his Jack The Ripper and my Orange Velvet mother. It was named to honor my father. He was a Vietnam veteran, and he ended up contracting cancer from the chemical Agent Orange. I named the strain Agent Orange as a shoutout to my father and all of the Vietnam vets.” Now, in modern times, MzJill still puts out her legendary product through MzJillGenetics. They are available on her website, and through sites like Seeds Here Now and Breeder's Direct Seed Co. She's running an entire line of Jilly Bean hybrids, and she's also bringing all of their original TGA strains under the original logo. Querkle, The Flav, and Jilly Bean have already been released. Next up is Agent Orange, some F2s, and an entire line of Agent Orange hybrids. MzJill's favorite weed Past breeding and growing, MzJill is a daily consumer and long-time medical cannabis patient. “I have scoliosis, so it definitely helps with my back and hip pain. I've had several children, I have the [Ehlers-Danlos syndrome]. The Jilly Bean is most amazing for helping women with PMS symptoms. Most pains that involve female organs, it has been very beneficial.” These are five weed products that legendary breeder MzJill can't live without. Her bong It's bong over everything with MzJill. Sometimes she'll smoke from a pipe or roll a joint, but the bong is 100% her favorite delivery system.  On her daily consumption habits, she told Weedmaps, “I would say I smoke between an eighth and a quarter per day. I love to smoke a few bong hits before I head to the gym, it gives me a much better workout. Some days, if my morning's starting off a little rough, I may feel like I need to take a few hits before I start the day to set the mood right.” Organic Cannabis (Dog Walker, Triangle Kush, Jilly Bean) Jill is primarily a flower smoker. Organic flower, to be specific. Not wanting to be biased towards her own strains, she said, “One of my very favorite [strains] is Dog Walker. Absolutely love the funk of that one. Very unique smell and flavor. And I'd say Triangle Kush is one of my favorites.” And, as mentioned above, she loves her Jilly Bean. Dog Walker is a skunky, gassy cross of Albert Walker OG and Chemdawg 91.  Triangle Kush is a Florida-born Kush that was bred by crossing an Emerald Triangle female with a Hindu Kush. It's one of the first Kush strains ever. Jilly Bean is a cross of Orange Velvet cut and pollen from a Space Queen male. It has a candy-like scent and flavor. MzJill Logo Rolling Papers “I definitely like to have my rolling papers and my grinder so I can roll a J when I'm out and about.” MzJill uses her own brand of MzJill Logo Rolling Papers. The pack comes with 32 papers and crutches. Kush Cream Topicals In addition to flower, there are a plethora of topicals that MzJill enjoys. She definitely enjoys slathering on Kush Creams topicals. Embrace Lotion MzJill's absolute favorite topical is the Embrace lotion from Colorado's Eureka Effects. She swears by their catalog. “They actually have the full-spectrum CBD. They're based in Colorado. They have sprays, they have lotions, they have tinctures, they have all kinds of products. They have some available for pets, as well, and have the CBD I found to be really good for my dog. [Toke]'s getting older, and he has some joint issues. The CBD helps him rest more comfortably.”  Featured photo by Chris Ryan. Graphic by David Lozada/Weedmaps Dante Jordan Danté Jordan is a freelance writer, video producer, and media consultant specializing in cannabis culture, strains, products, education, and everything else related to that lil’ green flower. Contact him at dantenetworks(at)gmail(dotcom), or dante_jordan on Instagram. His website is

Welcome to Strains Madness 2021

And we're back with more Strain Madness! That's right, we're rounding up 32 of the most popular strains and putting them into head-to-head matchups to determine which strain will take it all in 2021. Get ready for high-seeded favorites and underdog strains competing in huge blowouts or nail-biting finishes.  Last year, we kicked off our bracket just as the sports world was shutting down and OG Kush took home the championship trophy. This year, some of the same heavyweights are back (Blue Dream, Gelato, GSC) mixing it up with classics (Sour Diesel, Super Lemon Haze, Bubba Kush) and up-and-comers (Pink Rozay, Mimosa, Wifi Cake).  So lock in your favorites and fill out your bracket: How it works:   Strains will be pitted up against each other in matchups starting at 4:20 p.m. PST (full schedule listed below). Voting will remain open for 24 hours. All voting will happen on Weedmaps' Instagram story stream. You can fill out your own bracket by downloading it here.  To vote in wild cards: starting at 4:20 p.m. PST on selection Sunday, click into our stories and write in the wild card strain you want to see enter the tournament.  To vote on matchups: starting at 4:20 p.m. PST on a matchup day, click into our stories and vote for your favorite strain in the matchup, and repeat until you've voted for every matchup in the round.  To find out who advanced: the winners who advance will be announced in a recap article on Weedmaps News. You can find those articles posted below as the tournament progresses.  To find out who won: the winning strain will be posted on Weedmaps' Instagram and will be covered in a Weedmaps News recap.  The schedule: 3/14: Seed Sunday — The top 30 strains are announced and fans vote in 2 strains into the wild card slots.  3/16: Madness Begins — 16 matchups between 32 strains. Fans vote on Instagram stories. 3/19: Friday's Dank Sixteen — 8 matchups pitting the remaining 16 strains. Fans vote on Instagram stories. 3/22: Monday's Quarter-Finals — 4 matchups pitting the remaining 8 strains. Fans vote on Instagram stories. 3/22: Wednesday's Fire Four — 2 matchups pitting the remaining 4 strains. Fans vote on Instagram stories. 3/24: Final Friday — One story, one strain for glory. Fans vote on Instagram stories. 3/25: The Champion's Monday — Our champion is announced.  Tournament recaps: 

8 strains for morning jogs

There are two types of people: Morning People and Everyone Else. For Everyone Else, waking up several hours before necessary requires determination, commitment, and a subconscious-shattering alarm. Especially when that wake-up call is at the behest of a morning run. But Everyone Else might be pleased to learn that for discerning stoners, whether bright-eyed in the AM or sleepwalking till noon, waking and baking with just the right strain can make an early morning sprint feel like a neighborhood trot.  As a reluctant morning runner/fitness enthusiast myself, I've found that partaking in a pure sativa or an energizing hybrid an hour or so before my morning workout can be both electrifying and zen. But years of weed-fitness trial and error have also taught me that many pure sativas or sativa-dominant cultivars bred for physical stimulation aren't killer wake and bake workout strains. Many left me too cognitively spastic to focus on running. I've learned that phenotypes bred for specific, therapeutic effects can be super effective at supporting muscle recovery.  Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I learned that getting astronomically high before going outdoors for a jog-walk is ill-advised; I wake and bake to extinguish the morning doldrums, not to disassociate from the reality of street running.  My trick to successful AM weed jogs is to first plan the route, then consume the herb with my morning shake and a cup of tea. I give my high all the time it needs to swell, plateau, and gently evaporate before attempting to maneuver my city streets — or treadmill. This formula ensures I keep my senses and my chill while I ascend past psychotropia to one of the greatest highs of all: the runner's high.   Green Crack (AKA Green Cush) Consumers wax poetic about Green Crack's deep head high and uplifting body high, a combo that, under the right conditions, has the potential to send its fans into the perfect mindstate for meditative sunrise runs. This strain is also lauded for its anti-anxiety effects, and as such can level up any jogging/plant-medicine-as-self-care routine. Green Crack is a phenotype of Skunk #1, a 1989 Super Sativa Seed Club, and an Afghani landrace strain. Cecil C, the strain's breeder, originally named it Cush, but it was rebranded as Green Crack after world-famous rapper/actor/activist/celebrity chef Snoop Dogg referred to it as such. It can typically be found in shops under either name. Expect a tropical fruit perfume and bright, citrusy exhale.  Durban Poison Durban Poison is a pure sativa with South African landrace origins. Brought stateside by legendary strain hunter Ed Rosenthal in the mid-70s, Durban Poison has since become a pillar of contemporary cannabis genetics. The high is almost universally regarded as uplifting, energizing, and amply euphoric without crossing the threshold into paranoia or anxiety.  Naturally, it's a favorite of wake and bake joggers and serious stoner athletes alike.  Durban Poison's THC levels tend to hover between 17% and 20% THC, but exercise caution when buying your grams, as many cultivars top out over 24%. Expect a sweet, grassy inhale and a mild piney perfume.  Bruce Banner This hybrid strain gets its name honestly; Bruce Banner is a powerhouse hybrid with a hurricane-intense onset that builds in volume before mellowing to a cushion-soft cerebral high. Fans of this strain support its nod to its superhero transformation effects, both embracing the excitement of the blastoff and cozying into the softer plateau of the head high.  Bruce Banner is one of five phenotypes of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel parents. Inherited effects include effective pain, anxiety, and depression relief in addition to the strain's unique powderkeg activation. Expect a stank perfume and citrus sweet exhale.  Island Sweet Skunk Consumers revere Island Sweet Skunk for a litany of positive effects, but the favorite by far is the strain's ability to boos euphoric energy. This hybrid phenotype is genetically sativa dominant and described as perfect for day use. But beware, the cultivar's effects can be dynamic enough to cause overexertion, so practice safe jogging while Island Sweet Skunking.  Bred from a cross of Grapefruit and Northern Lights x Haze, Island Sweet Skunk was exclusive to Canada and the Pacific Northwest until recently reaching the greater west coast. Expect a skunky, tropical fruit perfume and an exhale to match.  Lemon Meringue Lemon Meringue's reported effects include creative motivation and, of course, a zippy, knee-slapping energy. Those folks who fall into the "Everyone Else" category of early risers will appreciate the crisp, clarifying onset and the efficient dispersing of any AM blues.  Lemon Meringue was bred from a cross of Lemon Skunk and Cookies & Cream. And the expected profile is as confectionary as one would expect. Anticipate a candy-sweet perfume and creamy citrus exhale.  Sunshine Folks seeking an energetic high that's more geared toward an easy-going run than an all out sprint should consider the 14% - 17% THC Sunshine. It has an effect that is euphoric with a mild energy boost that supports the strain's summery vibe. Also, if you're going to wake and bake, why not light up a strain named for the actual sunrise?  Sunshine was reportedly bred from a cross of Chemdawg and Sunshine Daydream, and the resulting flavors are predictably citrusy sweet and stanky dank. Expect a pineapple funk perfume and a lemony-diesel exhale.  Snowcap Snowcap is a sativa dominant hybrid strain known for its giggly delirium and fizzy body buzz. Consumers love that it's both introspective and vivacious, lending itself equally to cerebral pursuits and physical action. Snowcap is also a popular therapeutic strain, lauded for its efficacy in quelling symptoms related to depression and anxiety. Snowcap fans looking to compound their runners high into something even more transcendental should consider packing a bowl as part of their pre-workout ritual.  Snowcap was bred from Snow White and Cat Piss parents. The resulting flowers are dense and slow burning, with a fruity, menthol perfume and a spicy lemon exhale.   Royal Highness For those looking to medicate their muscles before jumping into strenuous physical activity, Royal Highness's CBD/THC 1:1 ratio is a great daytime strain to audition. What this strain lacks in psychoactivity, it more than makes up for with a clear-headed euphoria, velvety soft body buzz, and deliberate recovery support. Whether your AM jog is a fierce sprint or an invigorating jog-walk, Royal Highness's cannabinoid balance and entourage effects may ensure a not just a satisfying workout, but also a super-comfortable recovery period.   Royal Highness was bred from high-CBD strain Respect and 1:1 balanced strain Dance Hall. Expect sugary, dark green nugs with a skunky perfume and berry sweet exhale.  Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

What does “dub” mean?

For those entering the wonderfully weird world of cannabis, here is your word of the day: dub. Back in the days before nearly 34 million Americans had access to legal cannabis, finding, buying, and consuming weed had to happen on the down low. From these secretive and illegal transactions sprang a whole dictionary of nicknames and terms intended to hide the true intent of the transaction. This is one of the primary reasons there are so many nicknames for cannabis — Merry Jane, broccoli, herb, etc. — along with how “420“ ended up as the code word for getting together with your friends after school to blaze.  Though many more cannabis transactions take place these days out of the shadows and in consultation with a budtender in a stylish or cozy dispensary, there is some lingo from back in the day that remains. This brings us to “dub.” The origins of a “dub” The definition of “dub” means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For some, it means to “nickname” or to “voice a film in a different language.” To a German person in the age of the Renaissance, it meant a puddle or small pond. It could also mean “to execute poorly” or to “an awkward, unskilled person.”  These days, most people think of it as a quality of character or dignity — she was “dubbed” a saint — or to “strike lightly with a sword in the ceremony of conferring knighthood — “the King dubbed him a Knight.” In the cannabis world, the simplest explanation for a dub is $20 worth of weed, most often from an unlicensed seller. You'd hand over a “Jackson” (referring to Andrew Jackson's face on the bill) or a “dub” (shorthand for “double ten”) and receive in the neighborhood of 1 - 1.5 grams of weed in a dub sack, a small plastic bag of marijuana that can fit a decent-sized nug. This should not cost any more than $20.  Now and then, you may encounter sellers offering $15 dub sacks, in which case don't expect more than a gram of weed. And if someone tries to sell you less than a gram, hold onto your hard-earned cash. The current etymological theory for the nickname dub in the cannabis industry has more recent origins than Andrew Jackson. Borrowed from a term popular in West Coast car culture, a “dub” is the nickname for the much sought-after 20-inch tire rim (aka double dimes), and epitomized by former NBA player and rapper Master P in a track from 2005, “I Need Dubs”:  “Crusin' with my girl even rollin' with thugs, I need dubs 22's 24's.”  How dub is used in pop-culture Master P is not the only entertainer to play a role in making the word “dub” more familiar to consumers. Here's a sampling of some other artists that have used the term in their work:  Golden Globe Award-winning actress and rapper Awkwafina in her 2018 tune “Marijuana": “Midi-mapping hat, yo, trynna get cake Waitin' on a dub 'cause the weed man's late.” Philadelphia-based actor and rapper Beanie Sigel in “Mom Praying”:  “Make a visit, stop by the weed spot grab a dub, I now grams gon' have me a grub.” Early Def-Jam rapper Redman in “Gilla House Check”: “If you find a bag of weed on the floor, pick it up. And if you find it I got 10 on the dub, I'm hard to find like pickin' weed out a rug.” Berkeley, California-based rapper, activist, and motivational speaker Lil B, aka TheBasedGod in “I'm Just Livin”:  “I stay getting green or the cheese, I'm with it. In the backstreet with the B's that lit it. Dub sacks in the stash, plus the weed is hittin'” Rapper and singer/songwriter Afroman in “Afroman is Coming to Town”: “I know that you've been smoking all my tumble weed I looked into my dub sack all I seen was stems and seeds You better get dressed, hit the door Go to the dub spot and buy some mo” Rapper, singer and actor Wiz Khalifa in “Black and Yellow”:  “We bangin' out, that Taylor Gang Dub to your face, baby 'til you say my name” The relationship between cannabis and the music industry is long and steadfast, think Louis Armstrong, Bob Dylan, Snoop Dogg, Amy Winehouse, and Willie Nelson, but there are a couple of genres where the nicknames are tangentially related but do not intersect.  One is an outgrowth of reggae from artists like King Tubby in Jamaica called “dub” — the art of rearranging and isolating elements of individual instrumental tracks to create new work. Nor does it relate to a sub-genre of EDM called “dubstep” defined by heavy bass and herky jerky beats that originated in South London in the late 1990's.  So now we know: dub is a nickname for a gram of weed most often from the black market that costs $20. But like most things cannabis, it's a nickname with a compelling backstory, fascinating ties to artistic culture, and a long, long history.  Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps
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