The Hawaii Department of Health has announced a new program where visiting medical cannabis patients can use their out-of-state medical cannabis cards to get access to medical cannabis while in Hawaii, Forbes reports.

Qualifying patients visiting the state must fill out a 10-minute online form and pay $49.50 sixty days in advance of their trip. Hawaii will then issue an electronic registration card, known as a 329-V card, which would allow the patient to purchase cannabis from any Hawaii licensed retailer for a period of up to 60 days, up to twice a year.

“Hawaii’s new Visiting Patient Program is an important milestone in providing qualified out-out-state patients with safe access to the state’s world-class licensed medical cannabis dispensaries. Approved visiting patients no longer need to be anxious about if they’ll be able to legally obtain their medical cannabis medication in Hawaii and instead can focus on enjoying their experience in the Aloha state.” –Pedro Haro, Hawaii Educational Association for Therapeutic Healthcare Executive Director, via Forbes

To qualify, patients need only have a valid medical cannabis card from a legal state alongside a government-issued photo ID from that same state. More details and instructions can be found at

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