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A look at some marijuana polling

It has become expected to see good news every time a new poll comes out that determines how Americans perceive the idea of legal marijuana. The concept is skyrocketing in popularity across the country, and politicians who oppose are seeming more and more out of touch with their constituents.

An article was written up at Five Thirty Eight, the polling aggregator site that grew in popularity before the 2016 election, that puts the topic into some perspective.

From 12% approval in 1969, the number being thrown around recently is 68% approval for legal marijuana. That’s on a national level, so how do states add up on their own?

This is a list of states that could potentially have marijuana on the ballot in the future, and on all accounts it looks good on the side of legalization.

This all means that President Biden will be put in a very difficult situation when a marijuana legalization bill is sent to his desk with the majority of Americans supporting it. Either he changes his stance on marijuana and signs the bill, or vetoes and risks some pretty intense blowback. Seems like an easy choice to me.

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