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Biden doesn’t allow marijuana sales in Washington D.C.

While recently taking pride in his marijuana accomplishments during his State of the Union, President Biden continues to block recreational marijuana sales in Washington D.C..

This became apparent in the budget plan that Biden brought forth to Congress. In it, there’s a provision that doesn’t allow sales in the district. Frustratingly, this ban has remained since 2014 when voters voted in favor of legalization on a ballot. The federal government has veto power in the district, and has enforced the ban ever since.

Of course, this would be taken as a support for legalization from the head of the federal government if he were to allow recreational marijuana in the area, but it also seems like an opportunity to score some much-needed political points in a passive move – by simply letting go of a provision.

Marijuana Moment pointed to a recent survey that had the president’s favorability jumped 11 percentage points if marijuana were to be rescheduled while he’s in office.

Ironically, this all comes as the city of Washington D.C. just voted to make April 20th (4/20) a medical marijuana tax holiday in which you can buy medicinal marijuana without any taxes on the day. Clearly a giant discrepancy between the two governments residing in the district.

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