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Big Marijuana Recall happening in Michigan

After testing for most products was botched over a three month period at Viridis Laboratories in Michigan, the state’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency has issued a large recall.

Notably, products that do not fall under this recall are “inhalable marijuana concentrate products” like vapes, live resin, and distillate.

This could be devastating to some retailers in the state, who have said that 65%-70% of their inventory could be recalled. About 64,000 pounds of marijuana is planning to be recalled. For reference, 24,000 pounds of marijuana was sold in the month of October in Michigan.

In particular, there is fear of mistesting for mold in products that were tested between August 10 and November 16. Products already bought can be returned to dispensaries if they fall under these testing dates.

“While we strongly disagree with this decision and firmly stand by our test results, we are fully cooperating with the MRA and working closely with our customers to minimize interruptions and retest affected products at no cost,” Greg Michaud, the CEO of Viridis Laboratories, said in an emailed statement to Detroit Free Press.

Read the original article at Detroit Free Press

And a 30-page document that lists the dispensaries who are affected by the recall.

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