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Brittney Griner Pleads Guilty to Cannabis Posession, Faces up to 10 Years in Russia

The trial for Brittney Griner, American WNBA star has begun in Russia. According to multiple sources, the athlete pled guilty to her charges for marijuana possession. Because of her pleading guilty, she faces up to 10 years in prison. Over the last few months since Griner has been in captivity, over 310,000 signatures have been collected to push for her release from Russia.

The support for Griner is relatively unanimous within the states with many voicing their concerns and support. Many are also calling on a diplomatic approach from Biden, asking him to work out a trade for Griner’s safe return home.

Even with the significant amount of support for Griner’s return to the US, many wonder why cannabis in the US is still federally illegal. Given the WNBA star was arrested for having hash-oil in her carry on, does this unanimous support show how far the US has come? Currently 68% of Americans support some sort of legalized marijuana. With such a significant amount of the country supporting cannabis reform, why is marijuana still illegal?

This conversation stems from Biden’s lack of ambition to act on cannabis reform. With no statement coming from the executive branch, many are starting to lose faith in the leader of the free world. More updates on this to come, many also expect Biden to issue a statement on the WNBA star sometime within the next few weeks.

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