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Brooklyn Prosecutor Ran an Illicit Marijuana Ring for years

From 2014 to 2016, former prosecutor Ramy Joudeh, who became an assistant district attorney in 2015, ran a distribution ring that would ship crates of marijuana from an auto shop in New Jersey to California.

The FBI first found out about this agreement when one of the crates was stolen from the auto shop by two armed men in March of 2015. After this, Joudeh’s phone was tapped and conversations between him and his partner, Daniel Etkin, were captured of them discussing the distribution of their payment.

Joudeh plead guilty to using his cell phone in the commission of a felony. He’s facing up to six months in prison.

It seems likely that as Ramy Joudeh was working in the DA’s office, he was also working behind the scenes within his marijuana ring.

We recently reported on a story in India about hundreds of pounds of missing marijuana that was stored in evidence having been given multiple opposing reasons for it’s absence.

Read the original story at the New York Post.

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