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Can Marijuana Help Medicate Against Long Covid?

Our understanding of long covid is about as murky as the symptoms themselves, with a vast array of uncertainties growing every day. Some have brain fog, some have migraines, some have a change in taste and smell, and some have all of these combined. The scariest aspect is not knowing exactly how long “long” really means. It could be weeks, months, or even years.

A new article in High Times is written by Sophie Saint Thomas, who is dealing with the migraine variety of long Covid. She also deals with nausea from some migraine medication that she takes, and one of the biggest aides has been cannabis. This is because it tackles more than just one symptom.

Almost no patients present with one symptom, everybody presents with a package. And that package will usually include three to five symptoms. Cannabis is almost the only treatment I can think of that targets all of the symptoms. If a patient comes in with migraines, insomnia, anxiety, and nausea, it’s four medications versus cannabis,” says Dr. Kogan, who has been studying the effect cannabis has on long covid.

Studying the efficacy of marijuana is always an uphill battle, and needless to say, much more must be done before we get a full picture on just how successful marijuana can be in fighting off those lingering symptoms, but anecdotal cases look very promising.

“Cannabis helps elevate me to a place where I can just say, ‘You know what, your whole life has been trauma after trauma; just give this one the bird and help the two of you love and appreciate each day as best as you can,” says David, who along with his partner, has been fighting an uphill battle with covid until cannabis came in to save the day.

Read the full story at High Times.

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