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Cannabis Farms Thriving in the Extraordinary Canadian Heat

This heat dome over parts of the US and Canada has caused havoc with dangerously hot conditions, but apparently that’s just what the doctor prescribed for some Canadian weed farms.

A village in Canada, Lytton, was destroyed by a wildfire, but the smoke in the air is helping conditions for nearby marijuana.

“The plants actually like the smoke. They like the smoke because it’s full of carbon dioxide,” says one farmer, Bill Bilton. “It’s a perfect combo, because we’re getting sunlight, plus the carbon dioxide.”

Bilton claims that because of the intense conditions, plants have grown over a foot in 10 days, which is much higher than it would have been without the heat and smoke.

Marijuana strives with the right amount of CO2, which is exactly what the smoke is providing. Too little and the plant has a hard time growing, too much and it begins the affect the taste. Bilton, and pot farms around him, are experiencing just the right mixture.

Other crops are not so lucky, like berries growing around the region. Many of these farmers have had to apologize to customers for their low supply due to damage from the heat.

Read the original at Independent.

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