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Corey Booker responds to criticism over blocking Bank Bill

There are, basically, two modes of weed legalization occurring on the national level. One is a progressive, step by step approach, and the other is a push for a complete stripping of any criminalization, all within one bill.

Corey Booker, along with Chuck Schumer and Ron Wyden, are in the latter camp.

In particular, Booker has claimed that he would block the SAFE bill from passing the senate, which would ease restrictions on banks working with marijuana companies. The bill has Republican support and would have a strong chance of getting signed into law. The Schumer decriminalization bill? Not so much.

So why block the bill? Well it seems Booker feels that if this was passed, Republicans and centrist Democrats would feel less incentive to pass the larger overhaul.

Yesterday, Corey Booker went to twitter to address any questions about his legalization efforts, and the banking bill came up a few times.

Sure, yet he doesn’t respond to the “urgent” part of the tweet.

Clearly showing his belief in the “all-in” approach.

Unfortunately, Booker took the politician method of answering the parts of the question that he prefers to answer. Perhaps with enough pushback, he will come around to supporting both bills, as they certainly aren’t mutually exclusive.

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