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Cory Booker is also looking to Reform Psychedelics

Cory Booker posted a twitter video yesterday in which he advocates for the reformation of psychedelics and how it’s classified in the Controlled Substances Act.

In particular, he shines a light on the Right to Try bill that he and Rand Paul introduced in July. This bill would also very sick patients to try Schedule I drugs for help with depression or any other type of suffering.

“Let’s make these drugs available for research, study and—ultimately, hopefully—for constructive application.”

Right to Try was signed into law by Donald Trump, but the language was vague when it came to Schedule I drugs, and this bill introduced by Senators Booker, a democrat, and Paul, a republican, would clarify that seriously ill patients would be able to use Schedule I drugs.

Due to the huge success psychedelics have found treating PTSD in veterans, I predict it’ll have a much easier road to some sort of supervised legalization than marijuana has had in the decades it has taken to gain federal legalization. Booker’s high profile support will continue to shine a light on the issue, and the stigma is further being diminished by well-respected journalists like Michael Pollen.

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