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Delta-8 Loophole no longer: DEA classifies it as a controlled substance

For a while there, some areas of the US where weed is prohibited had a nice little cheat code to get high. Delta 8, derived from hemp and not listed in the exceptions to the Farm Bill because it was created after the fact, was available across the country.

Delta-8, and also Delta-9 THC-O, are both derived from a hemp plant and have psychoactive capabilities. The Farm Bill of 2018 had made all hemp plants legal in the country, and this would presumably include anything derived from those plants.

This was the case for about a year now, although many states across the country began to ban Delta-8 from being sold in their borders.

The DEA recently sent a response to an attorney asking for clarification on their stance, and they claim that Delta-* and Delta-9 THC-O do not fall under the Farm Bill and are therefore controlled substances.

“Delta-9-THCO and delta-8-THCO are tetrahydrocannabinols having similar chemical structures and pharmacological activities to those contained in the cannabis plant,” wrote Terrence L. Boss, chief of DEA’s Drug & Chemical Evaluation Section.

So that should clear up all the confusion and legal grey areas, unfortunately onto the illicit side of things.

Read the original story at Marijuana Moment.

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