Thursday, June 13, 2024

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Denver Issues First Social Equity Consumption License

Denver has issued out the first licenses for their social equity consumption lounges. Tetra Lounge in Denver became the first social equity applicant to receive the ability to act as a consumption lounge last week.

Hasn’t Denver had cannabis consumption lounges for a while? The short answer, yes, but after cannabis industry reforms in 2021, private companies were required to receive a license from the city to act as consumption sites. After the reforms in 2021, many shops including Tetra Lounge were forced to close their doors. Many shops will now be re-opening with their new licenses.

“Getting the license really gives us the foundation to grow and keep establishing new experiences within the cannabis hospitality realm. There’s still a lot of financial aspects that kind of hinder a lot of business, but having the opportunity and the input into the industry I think is going to be very beneficial especially with new markets.” – Dewayne Benjamin, Owner of Tetra Lounge.

These new cannabis lounges will offer membership services, allowing people to come and consume as much as they want. Denver is currently focused on increasing the issuing of consumption lounges, with an effort to issue them to social equity applicants first.

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