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Desantis Reconfirms He Would Not Legalize Marijuana

In a recent presidential campaign event in Iowa, Ron DeSantis reaffirmed his opposition to the legalization of marijuana. He expressed concerns about the potential accessibility of cannabis to young children and the risk of it being adulterated with dangerous substances like fentanyl.

According to DeSantis, the increasing potency of modern cannabis is a significant issue, and he believes it leads to problems when young people use it. He also highlighted the disturbing trend of adding fentanyl to various drugs, further exacerbating the country’s drug problem.

DeSantis pointed to a visit to San Francisco during the summer, where he observed evidence he believes supports his stance against cannabis legalization. However, he acknowledged that medical marijuana has been available in Florida for years, and there have been no reports of it being spiked with fentanyl.

The governor emphasized that while Florida has medical marijuana legalized in its constitution and enforces those regulations, he opposes making it even more widely available. He cited Colorado as an example where legalization allegedly expanded the black market.

DeSantis’ stance on marijuana has evolved over time. Initially, he supported broader access to medical marijuana for patients with conditions like Lou Gehrig’s disease, terminal cancer, or multiple sclerosis, regardless of whether they needed to smoke it. He emphasized the importance of relieving suffering and criticized the initial restrictions on the form of medical marijuana allowed.

However, in recent years, DeSantis has taken a more stringent stance against both recreational and medical marijuana. He cited concerns about the smell associated with cannabis use and its impact on the environment, particularly in places where it has been legalized for recreational purposes.

It’s important to note that DeSantis’s position on this issue may evolve further as the political landscape and public opinion change over time.

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