Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Dr. Oz makes a Bong Come out of Opponents Head in New Ad

Quite an interesting strategy Dr. Oz is taking up in his race to take the open Senate seat in Pennsylvania.

Despite being out of public eye since he had a stroke on the day of primaries, John Fetterman has maintained a consistent lead over Dr. Oz in the Senate race, and this has caused Dr. Oz to take on an…alternative approach.

In a new video ad, Dr. Oz paints John Fetterman as some crazy, almost Monty Python-like kook with literal screws loose. It’s all done in a cartoonish animation that feels almost catered to kids.

But to top off the whole thing, a bong gets unlodged from Fetterman’s head right after the screws.

The whole thing is worth a watch, so check it out below. Hard to say if this will really help Dr. Oz in any real way, but it does show that the marijuana issue will remain a sticking point for this Republican opponent, and we’ll find out in November just how effective that will be.

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