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Jamaica is facing a big marijuana shortage

The location most linked to weed is having difficulty growing the plant.

According to the Washington Post, due to a multitude of problems in the country, marijuana has become scarce and more expensive.

The first problem is due to a very active hurricane season followed by drought, drying up the crop.

Second reason is, along with everything else in the world, due to COVID-19. There is a 6 PM curfew in the country, which hinders the farmers from tending their farms at night. This and the lack of many roads to these fields mean the farmers must walk far distances to get to work, therefore drastically cutting down the amount of workable hours in the day.

Although marijuana was decriminalized in 2015, it is still illegal to buy and sell the plant on the island. However anything under 2 ounces is met only with a small fine.

“Last year was the worst year. … We’ve never had this amount of loss,” Tristan Thompson said, a chief opportunity explorer for a brokerage firm in the country. “It’s something so laughable that cannabis is short in Jamaica.”

Read the full story at The Washington Post.

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