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Kamala Harris doesn’t believe in the “Gateway Drug”

Vice President Harris continues her publicity campaign to make people like her more, and her latest stop was Jimmy Kimmel Live. The conversation moved into talk about cannabis, since the administration’s decision to move cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule III is a big part of Biden’s push for support in the upcoming election.

“You know, I think it’s interesting also because, remember, there was a time when people would say, ‘well, marijuana is a gateway drug,’ and these were failed policies. The resources should be better directed—and will be better directed—to deal with opioid addiction and what we need to do around fentanyl, getting more resources into mental health and mental health care.”

The entire gateway drug discussion is an interesting one, and unfortunately Harris doesn’t really go into detail about the “failed policies.” But it’s certainly a sentiment that the majority of Americans agree with her on.

Also, her comment on resources is a bit misleading, considering that moving marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III doesn’t actually reallocate any of the funds used to crack down on marijuana. But I suppose you could make the argument that she was speaking more broadly, that less energy and money would be spent in the direction of marijuana and therefore other drug issues would get more focus.

Here’s the clip:

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