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Marijuana Reduces the Need for Antibiotics in Chicken Feed

I know I know, it’s a weird title for an article.

But a preliminary study (not yet published) has shown that putting cannabis in the feed for chickens has caused chickens to experience less disease, and could potentially reduce the need for so many antibiotics in the feed.

“The chickens that were fed with cannabis as feed additives didn’t grow faster than the controlled ones, but they also weren’t weaker. Their organs were safe,” said Chompunut Lumsangkul, the leader of the study.

1,000 birds were tested during the study, with different doses and forms of marijuana given during several weeks.

And most importantly, the meat was safe for consumption after a marijuana diet.

After many more versions of this study are replicated, this could mean big changes for the poultry industries across the world, as antibiotics are typically thought of as a necessary evil in the industry.

Read the original article at Firstpost.

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