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New iPhone Update takes Cannabis as a consideration in Health App

Apple is slowing changing course on marijuana. A year ago, they finally allowed marijuana delivery apps to charge through the app as opposed to forcing them to make payments on a separate website. Now, Apple’s Health app is allowing you to see how your medication interacts with cannabis.

It’s an admittedly small step, but proves that Apple is seeing how much marijuana is a part of every day life for so many Americans. Along with Alcohol and Tobacco, the Health App will check to see how your medication interacts with Cannabis to make sure it isn’t a dangerous concoction.

“The Medications feature should not be used as a substitute for professional medical judgment,” says Apple in a press release about the feature. “Additional information is available on the labels of medications, but users should consult their healthcare provider prior to making any decisions related to their health.”

The shunning of marijuana-use is slowly coming to an end, and it’s nice to see Apple taking a leading approach.

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