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NFL looking to weed for pain treatment

Potentially the most painful sport in the country (although I’m sure a lot of Rodeo-heads will disagree), the NFL is looking to get out of the opioid business.

They’re offering up $1 million in grants to researchers looking to find an alternative to their current opioid-centric treatment, including marijuana and CBD.

In particular, they want to find out if it truly works for pain treatment, and how it interacts with other medications the athletes may be on.

Last year the NFL loosened their marijuana policy by a large amount. Now, athletes cannot be suspended from a positive test and can only be tested within a two week period each year, according to The Chicago Sun Times. In addition, the threshold for a positive test is four times than it was previously.

A potential for the NFL backing cannabis-centric pain treatment would surely boost the legitimacy of the option, so this could be fantastic news for the future of the plant.

Read the original at the Sun Times.

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