Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Poll Shows How Many Americans Want Weed to be a Federal Issue

Now that the cannabis bill has been filed in the Senate, we’re in the phase of getting everyone’s opinion on the bill, and marijuana in general.

A new poll from YouGov America gives us a taste of these answers. Specifically whether or not marijuana should be a federal issue or a state-by-state one, along with some other topics.

45% of those polled believe marijuana should be legal nationally, and 21% believe it should be left to the states. A generous reading of the latter could imply a pro-marijuana stance, which would mean that 66% of Americans believe marijuana should be legal on some level. 20% believe marijuana should be banned nationally.

There are some other interesting numbers from this poll, including 41% of Americans believing abortion should be legal nationally and 28% believing it should be left to the states.

Read the full article at YouGov.

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