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Polls are hard to decipher for Marijuana legalization this election

This year being a midterm election inherently makes people less enthusiastic about the outcome. Therefore, while polls have had a hard time the last couple presidential elections, this one may be even more confusing.

But with that disclaimer being stated, trends for legalizing marijuana in the five states it’s on the ballot this year are not as supportive as they were two years ago.

Things are looking good in Arkansas and Maryland, but it’s a little up in the air for the other three. These include Missouri, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

Here are some graphs from MJBizDaily:

North Dakota isn’t on this list, but support sits at around 40%. This is still in the margin of victory with so many voters still undecided, but it’s a surprisingly low number.

One explanation for stall in voter enthusiasm is that many Republicans have recently been tying marijuana to the drug epidemic happening in our country by latching onto rumors of fentanyl-laced weed. It’s a bit ironic, considering legal marijuana would ensure the flower being bought is cleaner than you’d find on the streets, but it seems to have attached itself into many voter’s minds.

But it’s important to end this story with the initial caveat: polls this year may be wildly off. The data is harder to sparse for every issue, and we’ll have to wait until we see the actual results to see how each state has faired.

Read the original story at MJBizDaily.

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