Thursday, June 13, 2024

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Psychedelics one step closer to legalizing in California

In its final moments before suspension, Senate Bill 519, which would decriminalize LSD, ketamine, mushrooms, and other psychedelics, passed through an integral committee with a 5-2 vote in its favor.

It seemed the bill would be left in suspense, but was taken up and swiftly voted through.

Next, the bill will be voted on by the full State Senate within the next two weeks. If passed, it will move on to an Assembly Committee, well on its way to becoming law.

The bill comes with limits to its decriminalization. Strict possession caps would be put into effect, along with penalties for those carrying under the age of 21, or on school property.

On the other hand, the bill would expunge the records of anyone with prior criminal offenses.

It will still be an uphill battle for the bill. According to California Globe, opponents of the bill still believe they’re on the winning side.

“It is still being voted against by a significant percentage,” said former police officer and current drug counselor Marty Ribera. “No one is caving in. And once it hits the big votes in the Senate and Assembly, when citizens can really make their voices heard, they are going to be bombarded by a lot of citizens against this. They won a few battles, but the war really hasn’t started yet.”

Read the original story at California Globe.


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