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Ron DeSantis Reconfirms He Does Not Support Marijuana Legalization

In a recent interview, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis reaffirmed his positions on cannabis legalization and reform. DeSantis made it very clear to his supporters and voters around the nation that he will not and does not support loosening cannabis laws. He explained that if he were elected president, he would not federally legalize cannabis and instead leave legalization to a state issue.

This interview was during a town hall meeting in Tallahassee, where DeSantis spoke on a wide range of topics. DeSantis explained his concerns for the potential societal impacts of cannabis legalization and was very dismissive of counterarguments. The potential presidential candidate also expressed his feelings of how important public safety is and that marijuana legalization could lead to increased usage amongst young people. DeSantis pointed towards studies linking marijuana use to negative health effects and suggested broader access to marijuana would increase this issue.

His position on this issue lines up directly with his past track record regarding cannabis. Throughout his years in office, he has consistently supported anti-recreational cannabis legislature which has kept Florida a strict anti-possession, sale, and cultivation state.

Many believe that DeSantis is out of touch with his constituents as well as the whole country. Recent polls indicate that a vast majority of Americans support marijuana decriminalization or legalization. DeSantis’s stance on cannabis hinders the progress many advocacy groups have made over the last few decades. Many supporters also argue that DeSantis’s stance brings us back to a more stigmatized view on cannabis instead of a sensible, evidence-based approach to marijuana policy.

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