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Smoking Weed at the New York State Fair became an issue

It seems New York is finding out its limits for the acceptance of marijuana-use.

Previously, we had reported that the New York State Fair was allowing marijuana-use wherever tobacco-use was permitted. Turns out, tobacco was permitted in lots of areas on the premises, enough to create problems for families who didn’t want to be around the smell of weed.

In an article at NNY360, it is reported that Governor Hochul has ordered a review of some Fair policies, including its stance on smoking.

“I do agree with everybody who said we have to do something to try to control the smoking of marijuana around kids and families because this is a family event,” says Troy Waffner, the State Fair Director.

They are considering the use of designated smoking areas, which seems to be a nice compromise for either side.

The main issue here stems from an antiquated stigma around the smell of marijuana. For decades now, there was no potential for the two to coexist. The smell was, and still is, associated with the slacker culture, and any fear of secondhand smoke is largely exaggerated in an outdoor setting.

New York’s legalization bill went beyond the acceptance of most civilians, at least in this category. So as of now, there’s the natural occurrence of correction happening to find that balance.


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