Thursday, June 13, 2024

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Snoop Dogg goes viral in a publicity stunt in which he quits smoking weed

In a move that proves how connected the public’s view of Snoop Dogg and marijuana really is, Snoop Dogg went to X this month to announce that he was going to quit “smoke”. It was all done in a very somber tone, even going so far to ask that we respect his privacy at the time.

 This post went absolutely viral soon after it was posted, with lots of warm wishes and reactions came streaming in from all over.

But if it all seemed a little too silly to be true, it’s because it was.

Four days later, Snoop Dogg finally defined what he meant by smoke: smoke stoves. It was all for the marketing of a smokeless fire pit that Snoop is attached to.

For a good four days lots of people were fooled by the post, including Queen Latifah and T-Pain. But Snoop Dogg has proven to have a brilliant marketing mind over the years, and capitalizing on his iconic weed smoking persona was probably too easy to pass up. And now, he’s got millions more eyeballs on his smokeless stove than otherwise would’ve been the case.

Good on you, Snoop.

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