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Social equity in New York gets paused by the courts

A judge in New York has put a stop to any new dispensaries opening in the state of New York due to issues with the constitutionality of their social equity program.

A group of veterans filed a lawsuit that claimed the licensing program that gave priority to those impacted by the war on drugs was unconstitutional. On Monday this week, the judge of the state Supreme Court sided with them.

Justice Kevin Bryant stated that it appears “that there is genuine urgency and that immediate and irreparable injury, loss, or damage will result” if the licensing continues.

The social equity program has gone through a very messy few years since it’s enactment. Less than 20 businesses have opened since the state has legalized marijuana, and although “service disabled veterans” are supposed to also be a part of this program, it seems the group that brought this lawsuit to bear has been pushed to the side.

It’s unclear where this will lead. It may end up opening up the floodgates of dispensary licensing, with much less focus on social equity, or more likely, it will result in more lengthy delays on new business openings.

A hearing is scheduled for tomorrow, August 11th.

Read the original article at Politico.

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