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Support For Marijuana Legalization At All Time Highs In USA

According to the latest Gallup poll, support for marijuana legalization is at all time highs. According to this new poll, roughly 68% of all Americans support some form of marijuana legalization.

Within this poll, there are answers from many different social groups. For those who support marijuana legalization, the numbers are as follows. Those with no religious preference (89%); self-identified liberals (84%); Democrats (81%); young adults (79%); and those who rarely/don’t attend religious services (78%).

When it comes to groups that are below the national average for support for this topic, the numbers are as follows. Those who attend church regularly (46%); conservatives (49%); Republicans (51%); older adults (53%); and Hispanic adults (56%).

In an article by Forbes, it is explained that political ideology plays a large role in one’s support for cannabis legalization. Conservatives traditionally do not support cannabis legalization while liberals do. Although this is largely the case, the Gallup poll shows that most younger conservatives do in fact support some sort of cannabis legalization. Liberals on the other hand, overwhelmingly support legalization regardless of age.

Read the entire Forbes article here.

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