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The Rise of the Cannabis Industry Is Leading to Excessive Plastic Waste

With the boom of the marijuana industry, many more Americans are purchasing, consuming, and relaxing to the drug that’s been around forever. Unfortunately, the problem with this is that a large amount of the cannabis purchased comes with single use plastics. These plastics are often not reused and thrown away shortly after containing the product so many yearn for.

The obsessions humans have with plastic is nothing new. Plastic bottles, packages, and materials are used in nearly every product around the globe. Many of these plastic materials are single use and thrown away at the first opportunity. Marijuana is no exception. Plastic, mainly single use, is the main packaging form for marijuana. Whether the drug comes in plastic bags or plastic containers, people are sure to throw away the container after they’re done with it. This is a major problem due to how long plastics last in the environment as well as how much is being produced.

In the United States last year, roughly $32 billion worth of marijuana was sold. This number is expected to double by 2030. With all these marijuana sales, the amount of plastic that sits in landfills is sure to expand by significant amounts.

Many legislators are very concerned about the possibility of more plastic waste, harming the environment. Legislation has been introduced and failed multiple times to curb plastic production since the start of this plastic era. Another problem that arises is the lack of federal legislation surrounding the substance. Legislators refuse to work together to regulate the drug. Because the federal government is so far from regulating marijuana, they are even further from regulating the packaging. This will only lead to more waste in landfills and harm future generations.

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