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The World Anti Doping Agency Will Keep Cannabis On The Banned Substance List Through 2023

Even with the widespread support for the legalization of cannabis, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) will keep the substance on the banned list through 2023. This comes as a surprise for some due to the largely supported movement to remove the substance from the list.

The talk surrounding removing the drug from the list was sparked last year when American sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson was suspended for consuming cannabis. Many have voiced their support and have asked the organization to reconsider their suspension. There have also been many other examples of athletes consuming cannabis and being punished such as the Singapore Olympic star Joseph Schooling. Although Schooling was punished for consuming cannabis by Singapore themselves, the conversation as to whether consuming marijuana should be a punishable offense was brought up. Even in the country of Singapore, where drug laws are very strict, many showed their support for Schooling, showing how the views on drugs like cannabis are evolving.

There is good news though, WADA has initiated multiple scientific reviews on the status of cannabis. This could mean that soon, the substance could be removed from the list, allowing athletes to consume the recreational drug without the threat of disqualification.

Many other athletes within the US such as Odell Beckham Jr. and Dwayne Wade have expressed their support for athletes who consume cannabis. They believe that someone shouldn’t be punished for consuming the drug.  WADA issued a statement on the matter recently saying that they will reconsider the drugs legality at the beginning of 2024.

Read the whole article from WSJ here.

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