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These are the people freed by Biden’s Marijuana Pardon

The U.S. Sentencing Commission has put out the numbers of who have been effected by Biden’s sweeping marijuana pardon in a detailed report.

6,577 citizens have committed the possession offense that was covered in the pardon since 1992. It’s not many compared to the many thousands who were arrested at the state level across the country, but seeing the numbers on a map really drive the point home that these are real people whose lives are being effected by this pardon order.

Here’s a map of which states have the most federal arrests for small amounts of marijuana possession.

17% of offenses were in Arizona, interestingly. Unsure what could cause this anomaly beyond perhaps their reluctance to make arrests at the state level.

And here are the numbers in terms of ethnicity.

As expected, arrests are disproportionately effecting black and hispanic men and women, although white citizens take up the majority of arrests.

President Biden’s pardon did not include non-citizens, so they are not included in these charts.

Read the full breakdown of the numbers here.

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