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Vaping Marijuana worse than e-cigarettes for lungs, study says

A new study is getting published in the Journal of Adolescent Health that will report findings on the danger of cannabis vaping.

While it’s not out yet, a report was written over at University of Michigan that sheds light on how the findings were studied.

The researchers compiled self-reported symptoms from a sample of adolescents between 12 and 17 years old from the “2016-2018 Wave of the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Healthy Study.” They were looking for symptoms like wheezing, chest whistling, dry coughs, chest illness, etc.

Those who vaped marijuana were twice as likely to report wheezing and whistling.

It should be noted this is a survey, with very little control, and MUCH more research needs to be done in the field, but still fascinating to see that marijuana vapes are not the healthiest of alternatives, despite marketing and common understanding. Maybe that good old fashioned flower is still the way to go.

“Future studies need to assess if it is the combination of vaping both nicotine and cannabis that is creating so many respiratory issues,” says Philip Veliz, University of Michigan research assistant professor of nursing. “It may be the combination of vaping cannabis along with smoking cigarettes is what leads to the high rates of respiratory symptoms among youthful marijuana vapers.”

Read the original story here.

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