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Weedmaps Broccoli Commercial didn’t make the Super Bowl

One of the better ads to pop up during Super Bowl weekend didn’t occur on TV. Though this isn’t an endorsement of Weedmaps as a company, this is certainly an endorsement of their cleverness, which is seen in full force in a new ad released online.

Taking the symbol for broccoli and personifying it, we dive into the silliness of the way we are able to talk about marijuana on the largest channels of media, including broadcast television and social media.

“We’ve had a long history of doing work in sports, so a lot of it was action sports, Surf Skate, X Games, things like that, Chris Beals, Weedmaps CEO, tells Fox Business. “And then, you know, we’ve constantly been trying to kind of push the dialogue forward around cannabis, cannabis monetization, just be able to talk about it, given that it’s legal in 37 states. I think with the commercial we said, look, we want to do something that highlights exactly that. Like, why are we censoring this? Let’s have a conversation about it and try and run it with the Super Bowl.”

Well that certainly didn’t come to pass, since NBC has a very strict no cannabis advertisement regulation.

The more time passes after the majority of states have some sort of marijuana legalization, the more absurd this ban starts to look.

“There’s been this very sort of cautious nature by media to really highlight it, to talk about it. Yet, if you look outside the traditional media channels it’s everywhere,” says Beals.

At this point, we can only hope that the ad gets more attention online as the issue of marijuana advertisement grows large enough to bust out of its stigma.

Read the full story at Fox Business.

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