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What’s the deal with Weed withdrawal?

Us in the cannabis industry tend to take a laissez-faire approach to the liberation of this plant, but sometimes it’s necessary to get down in the dirt and really see if there are any side effects of frequent use that we should keep in mind.

So the question then is raised about withdrawal, and there’s an article at The Spokesman-Review that explores this.

A professor of psychiatry, Laura Coughlin, told the newspaper that weed can have some withdrawal effects, especially for those using it medically.

A study coming from the University of Michigan indicates “59 percent of people using medical cannabis for chronic pain experienced moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms if they stopped ingesting weed for hours or days.”

Of course, there’s a large difference between cannabis withdrawal and something like alcohol withdrawal, which in some extreme cases can be fatal. It’s on a much smaller scale, but still there and something to keep in mind.

Coughlin lists some traits of the withdrawal as “irritability, depressed mood, decreased appetite, sleep difficulties, a desire or craving to use cannabis, restlessness, anxiety, increased aggression, headaches, shakiness, nausea, increased anger, strange dreams, stomach pains and sweating.”

Read the full story at The Spokesman-Review.

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