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What’s with this Cocaine weed

So there’s been a bit of a stir recently with the release of Canna Bumps, which is essentially marijuana concentrate that is advertised and made to look like Cocaine. It’s even sold with a spoon and card to create lines.

The glory of marijuana is the huge variety of ways it can be consumed. With edibles and drinks on the rise, it seems like a good thing overall.

Most of the response to this product was rather negative, calling it gross and irresponsible. Over at Leafly, they question whether it’s actually legal (it contains 600 mg of THC and it depends on what they consider themselves, a concentrate or an edible) but this doesn’t feel like the actual problem most people have with Canna Bumps. Most of this stems from delicate line marijuana is balancing on in terms of legality. The industry has been striving for years to look more authentic. This product sets it back, making it feel like something inherently illegal.

After all the attention was put on the brand, THC Living, the manufacturer of Canna Bumps, pulled the product from online stores, and it seems like it isn’t coming back any time soon. Perhaps they were worried about any legal problems, or perhaps they began to agree with the backlash.

Either way, most of the damage was done once Canna Bumps when onto the market, as Leafly points out:

“In any other industry, the harm of a product like this would be limited to an offense against good taste. But cannabis isn’t any other industry. The harm here goes far deeper. Tens of millions of Americans have had their freedom revoked and their lives ruined by nonsense criminalization and the War on Drugs. Those harms are reinforced by the stigma surrounding cannabis, and the stereotypes that still cling to healthy, happy, everyday consumers.

“Canna Bumps isn’t just a marketing pitch gone awry. It’s actively facilitating the risk and harm that millions of Americans face every day.”

Well said!

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