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Why is sex better when you’re high?

In a super fascinating article over at InsideHook, we get a glimpse into why exactly sex gets that extra bump from being high.

Of course the main difference is the awareness, which is much more acute while high.

“Terpenes (the perfumey bouquet of smells that often accompanies a strain, with names like Limonene and Myrcene) are responsible for things like those energetic and uplifting feelings or that deep body buzz just after ingestion, while cannabinoids (the chemical compounds found in THC, CBD, etc.) activate and communicate with specific receptors within the Endocannabinoid System,” Michelle Mendoza, a Head Buyer at Sweet Flower tells InsideHook. “Together, they produce the entourage effect that equals the sum of its parts and your very individualized experience.”

But in particular, it acts as a “vasodilator” which means that it makes sensitive parts of the body extra sensitive. Orgasms are improved and sex drive is maximized all because of increased blood flow to these parts of the body.

Because of this pretty clear link between being high and good sex, the market has opened up for products that seem almost specifically catered for heightened sexuality, be it micro-dosed drinks, chewables, weed lube, and even some edibles.

Read the story at InsideHook.

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