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The Soul of a Store: How to recruit and retain the right retail staffers

This story sappers in the April issue of Marijuana Business Magazine. You’ve found the perfect location and designed your dream dispensary—now it’s time to recruit the staff who will bring your store to life. Exact strategies will vary based on a retailer’s size and resources, the local labor pool and available time. But a few basic tips can help you find the employees your store needs to succeed. Finding Your First Employees Recruitment can be time-consuming even in the age of online job boards, said Alison McMahon, CEO of Cannabis At Work, a marijuana human-resources and recruitment company based in Edmonton, Alberta. “Usually, people are reaching out to us because they have a lot of different priorities, and something has to give somewhere,” she said. “They’re willing to assign a piece of their budget to a recruitment firm to help them get some of that key talent in the door.” McMahon said retailers often seek Cannabis At Work’s help for key hires such as general managers, even if they’re not using the recruitment agency to fill all their positions.

Startup raises $5.3 million to boost drones for hemp production

An Irish startup looking to see more farmers growing hemp and using drones to do so has locked down $5.3 million (4.5 million euros) to get going. Greenheart CBD says it is looking to expand its supply chain and find more hemp to turn into CBD. The company grew hemp on 10 acres last year but is looking to contract with more producers, sending them seeds and drones to help cultivate them the hemp, co-founder Paul Walsh told Irish Times.

How Patagonia is helping build a domestic hemp fiber supply chain

Fiber is hot among hemp producers looking for new markets – especially now that prices have bottomed out for hemp flower and biomass. But the lack of fiber buyers and the sector’s immature supply chain have industry observers warning that hemp growers may get ahead of themselves and end up with yet another glut. California-based outdoor apparel company Patagonia and the state of Colorado are hoping to help change that by bringing together farmers, machinery manufacturers, textile producers and hemp researchers. “There’s nothing about political parties in hemp. It’s just a solid business opportunity, a solid environmental opportunity, good for farmers, good for our health, good for the economy, good for sustainability,” Colorado Gov. Jared Polis said in a video Patagonia released about the “Bring Hemp Home” project late last month.

Oregon CBD releases the first federally compliant CBDV rich cultivars to the US hemp market

Independence, OR – Hemp seed producing powerhouse Oregon CBD announced their release of two triploid CBDV rich cultivars this week, the firsts of their kind. CBDV, or cannabidivarin, is one of hundreds of known cannabinoids that until recently has had little presence in the cannabis plant. Lauded for its potential medical benefits, its use by the casual consumer have yet to be fully discovered or embraced. For the breeders at Oregon CBD, coaxing the cannabinoid out into the open has been a top priority for years. “We started our varin breeding project after discovering what could basically be described as blips on a chromatogram five years ago,” comments Oregon CBD Co-Owner Seth Crawford. “It’s been a long journey, but we couldn’t be more excited to bring this novel cannabinoid out into the market.” CBDV is chemically similar to CBD, but according to Crawford elicits calm, focused energy, coupled with muscle relaxation, and is the target of multiple pharmaceutical research commercialization efforts. Crawford describes their two varieties as capable of producing large, richly aromatic flowers that remain below 0.3% total THC even as trimmed flower. For industrial hemp growers, the company’s claims that dried and trimmed flowers will remain below the federally mandated total THC requirements of 0.3% total THC is big news. Studies have shown the CBD gene produces THC at rates of around 25 parts CBD to 1 part THC, meaning any flower that contains over 7-8% CBD will most likely contain over 0.3% total THC. According to Oregon CBD the answer is breeding varieties with half of their total cannabinoids as CBDV and around half of the remainder as CBD. Their research has shown total THC percentages are cut in half with the varin (CBDV) cannabinoid present and plants that are able to reach total cannabinoid percentages in the teens. “Even extremely low CBD producing varieties that may only hit 7% total cannabinoids still have the risk of going hot,” says Crawford. “The rules of standard deviation show a percentage of the population will still hit over 0.3% unless you have a variety that maxes out around 5% CBD. No one wants a variety that low.” In addition to being high in novel CBDV, their two new offerings Forbidden V Seedless and Pine Walker Seedless are labeled as triploids. The long celebrated and traditional triploid breeding process produces plants with 3 sets of chromosomes instead of 2. Triploids used in other crops such as grapes, hops, bananas, citrus, and watermelon are sterile, and also boast a variety of increases in production and aroma. “Triploids are the future of cannabis,” adds Seth. “We saw between 30 to 100% production increases in our triploid field trials last summer, and even after coating them with pollen we found a maximum of around 3 seeds per plant. Not to mention a variety of added aromas you just don’t get in their diploid counterparts.” The science behind breeding triploids is fairly straight forward. Cannabis in the wild has 2 sets of chromosome pairs, a copy from each parent. In rare-documented cases plants can mutate into tetraploids which have 4 sets of chromosome pairs. Tetraploids in other agricultural crops exhibit slightly larger fruits and flowers but few other differences. The magic, according to Crawford, is when a tetraploid is crossed with a diploid to produce a triploid. “Anything in nature with an odd number of chromosome pairs is sterile,” adds Seth. “And for growers this means seedless flowers even if they are exposed to pollination. Seeded cannabis crops are essentially worthless on the trimmed flower market and a severe hit to biomass producers.” Oregon CBD, which brands itself as an industrial hemp seed research and development firm, hosts what they call a laboratory based and field trial backed breeding program – while its new offerings maintain both USDA Organic and NSF Non-GMO Certifications. For a market faced with “hot” CBD saturation and farmers experiencing heavy pollination issues around the nation, federally compliant CBDV rich triploid cannabis genetics could just be the answer for an industry in turmoil. For consumers it might just be the next big buzz. Only time will tell. For more information on Oregon CBD’s CBDV genetics visit their website: This is a paid post. Contact [email protected] for more information.

4 weed products journalist Madison Margolin can't live without

Madison Margolin is the co-founder and managing editor of DoubleBlind, the biannual print magazine and digital media outfit that's taking the psychedelics movement by storm. Before starting the magazine, she and co-founder Shelby Hartman were both prolific cannabis journalists. Though many will be most familiar with Margolin's cannabis coverage in a wide range of publications over the last five years, she's been covering the political, cultural, and spiritual impact of psychedelics since her college days.  While still in journalism school at Columbia University, Margolin was reporting on the Orthodox Jewish community in New York and met a bunch of kids from orthodox backgrounds who were experimenting with psychedelics, “exploring their relationship to religion and spirituality through these alternative drug experiences,” Margolin told Weedmaps, “I got really curious about that and started writing almost immediately about the relationship between Judaism and psychedelics. That was like five years ago before I even had my job at the Village Voice.”  Margolin started covering New York's cannabis policy rollout for the Voice in 2015. At the same time, she had spent several months working on a story about the Empire State's burgeoning psychedelic scene, where she was, “looking at the research that was coming out of NYU.” She also became familiar with the newly opened Alchemist Kitchen, a community space offering talks on psychedelics and with room to sell goods and tinctures. The Voice was sold in October 2015, just as Margolin's psychedelics coverage was about to be a cover story. “They got a new editor who basically was like, 'Your drug coverage is cliché. The Village Voice is over drugs,' and he killed my psychedelics story.” That same editor also killed her weed column, so Margolin would go on to cover the cannabis beat for Rolling Stone, Playboy, High Times, Nylon, Bon Appetit, Broccoli, LA Weekly, VICE, and a host of other major magazines and digital outlets.  For Margolin, the modern cannabis and psychedelics movements are connected by the psychoactive experience and how it can affect all other aspects of life — science, policy, culture, history, medicine, mental health, spirituality, etc. “When writing about any drug, whether it's cannabis or psychedelics or even heroin and opiates and whatever, it's a way to talk about other things in society,” Margolin said while reflecting on all the places and communities her cannabis coverage has taken her for the past five years. One particular day in Jerusalem stood out to her as a poignant example where all these ideas intersected in a special way.   The day started with an interview with Raphael Mechoulam, the legendary Israeli scientist who pioneered the isolation of THC and the discovery of endocannabinoids. “I did this whole story on the cannabis scene in Israel-Palestine for Tablet, a Jewish magazine,  so I spoke to Mechoulam, which was really special. Then I went to East Jerusalem, which is more the Palastinian side of the city, with a translator. It was kind of interesting man-on-the-street reporting. I think it was interesting to be in this place where trauma is so ubiquitous on all sides of the equation. Cannabis is such an obvious choice to treat trauma, and to experience that first hand with Israelis and Palestinians — and to talk to the guy who was so instrumental [in cannabis science and medicine] — was really powerful.” The transition from full-time cannabis reporting to running her own psychedelics magazine began in 2018, when fellow-reporter Shelby Hartman reached out to her about the project. “Shelby and I had both gone to Columbia for journalism school, and then we were sort of doing similar things in the field afterward. And Shelby had this idea when she was meditating to do a psychedelics magazine, sort of inspired by Broccoli, a really beautiful magazine that covered psychedelics but also merged high-end design with investigative-heavy reporting.”  Margolin signed onto the idea right away. “We both had full-time jobs at the time. I was at Civilized and [Shelby] was at Herb, and we didn't really know where it would go. We were just like, 'this seems like a cool side project to do,' and then it kind of snowballed into what it is right now.” Margolin and Hartman now lead a publication that, in their own words, speaks to “everyone who is curious about psychedelics. And we are speaking to anyone craving fresh perspectives on some of the most important issues of our time [...] and the aching that people around the globe feel for spirituality or some other collective sense of meaning.”  For Margolin and for DoubleBlind, shedding light on the grassroots nature of the psychedelics and cannabis movements is paramount. “People are like, 'oh yeah, cannabis is like a big industry these days.' And it's kind of obnoxious because it's built on the backs of people who have been going to jail for decades, and risking their freedoms and putting their families at risk. That's something I hope that, as people read about this [industry] stuff in Forbes, they recognize that it's built on people who are not being featured in Forbes.” Margolin continued, “I just don't think people recognize the tension between the industry and the movement, the movement being something that's really grassroots and we're dealing with organic matter, and there's indigenous wisdom behind it and decades of folk wisdom and street wisdom, and that is the culture.” Here are four weed products Madison Margolin can't live without. Prismatic Plants Good Day and Good Night CBD Tinctures Prismatic Plants offers daytime and nighttime CBD tincture formulas, both designed to have an appropriate calming effect. Margolin uses both.  “I have scoliosis and my back can get kinky, and sometimes it can hurt. But it actually hasn't been like that in a long time, and I don't know if it's cause I take CBD, but I think that might have to do with inflammation. I also use it for anxiety. Sometimes if I'm tripping, I like to have CBD on hand, basically if I'm feeling anxious.” Papa & Barkley 1:3 THC Releaf Balm  Papa & Barkley's THC-rich Releaf Balm is a whole-plant-infused salve that Margolin has used for pain relief. “I've also had tendonitis,” a condition most writers are at least somewhat familiar with, “so I've used that and rubbed it in my wrist.”  Dad Grass CBD Pre-rolls As CBD pre-rolls become a major staple of the cannabis market, it's important to know where the quality is. Margolin doesn't smoke weed as much as she used to, and tends to prefer CBD-heavy joints when she does. Dad Grass hemp pre-rolls “serve up a clean buzz without the fuss,” and are tailored to “revive the casual smoke.”  Moon Made Farms Flower Moon Made Farms is owned and operated by former producer, musician, event promoter, and documentary filmmaker, Tina Gordon, who relocated to Southern Humboldt County in 2007 to grow and advocate for cannabis.  “I try to opt for outdoor, sungrown, small-batch farms.” Margolin told Weedmaps, “Moon Made Farms is a good one. Tina actually tracks the moon cycle to see how the moon affects the plants.” Interview by Nic Juarez. Written by Andy Andersen. Photo courtesy of Zoe Wilder. Graphic by David Lozada/Weedmaps

US EPA grants $100,000 to support Washington hemp bricks manufacturer

Federal environmental regulators keen on developing sustainable building options have awarded a grant worth nearly $100,000 to a Washington company that makes bricks out of industrial hemp. Earth Merchant, based Vancouver, received one of 24 grants through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Small Business Innovation Research program for its hemp-based OlogyBricks.

5 strategies to fight overly restrictive hemp regulations

(Editor’s note: This story is part of a recurring series of commentaries from professionals connected to the hemp industry. Beth Collins and Chris Guillen are attorneys with Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck in Santa Barbara, California.) Hemp cultivation is a burgeoning industry in California with huge potential. However, many local agencies in the nation’s largest marijuana economy have squelched the industry’s development by adopting outsized buffers and other strict cultivation restrictions. Other crops and agricultural land-related uses can yield similar and in some cases greater impacts. But this crop has been targeted because it is new and because people confuse it with marijuana. The good news – there are strategies that the hemp industry can use to counter anti-hemp zoning restrictions since often there are win-win scenarios to be found. Restricting hemp hampers not only the hemp industry but also agricultural communities at large. Here are 5 effective strategies that we employed while representing an alliance of agricultural organizations in Ventura County in their successful effort to enact a hemp ordinance that reasonably allows hemp cultivation in the county while protecting other existing land uses:

Idaho lawmakers agree to allow hemp cultivation, marking 50th state

Idaho, the only state that still bans hemp cultivation, could join its neighbors under a hemp-authorization measure that awaits the governor’s signature. Idaho lawmakers agreed this week to a bill allowing the production, processing, transportation and research of hemp.

UK’s Tenacious Labs launches ‘buy-and-build’ CBD brand with US acquisition

A London-based “buy-and-build” global cannabinoid group launched this week after its acquisition of Denver-based CBD brand Press Pause, a brand focused on developing CBD products for women. Tenacious Labs, co-founded by CEO Nicholas Morland and CCO Adrian Clarke, aspires to become a leading consumer-centric global cannabinoid group.

3 ways cannabis extraction equipment makers are innovating

This is the second installment in an ongoing series offering tips and advice for hemp and marijuana extraction companies. The first installment is available here. Cannabis extraction equipment represents one of the most innovative sectors in the industry, with new products and constantly evolving techniques for processing raw plant material. Among other areas, marijuana and hemp companies are developing: Ways to combine extraction solvents. Novel winterization methods. Tools to refine the extraction process that have roots in the pharmaceutical industry.

Weedmaps' 2021 buyer's guide: 4/20

It's that time of year again. There is a familiar, skunky smell in the air, the glass is getting ferociously cleaned, your favorite cannabis shops are stocking up on products, and Bic lighters are going missing every minute. We're talking about the 4/20 season, of course! Last year 4/20 happened in the thick of the pandemic, but with more people being able to safely venture outside (still adhere to social distancing practices, please!), we can take advantage of the celebrations and incredible deals happening in dispensaries and stores around the country (check out our tips for big sales weekends).  And while there are more products and deals than we can keep track of, it's always true that you want to hit 4/20 with some style. Whether that's a new bong or rolling tray to impress the sesh, or maybe stoner-centric clothing or jewelry, 4/20 is the perfect time to get that special stoner item you've had your eye on. We've included a selection of smoking devices, grinders, ashtrays, rolling trays, apparel, jewelry, and more to celebrate 4/20.  Smoking devices Vibes Ultra Thin Rolling Papers Vibes Ultra Thin King Size are new, but they might be the best rolling papers in the game. Vibes roll super nicely; they hit super smooth; and they burn super slow. I'm not the biggest on the rice or hemp ones, but those Ultra Thin joints? 10 out of 5 stars. Price: $2.50 (singles), $125 (box) Mota Glass Mini Beaker Bong By now, you should know what's good with Mota Glass. They're great people that make great bongs from great glass. Like most high-quality glass, Mota's bongs will hit your pockets for a couple hundo on a good day. But if you want to give one to someone special, and save yourself a little cheddar, cop that Mota Glass Mini Beaker. Price: $70 Puffco Vision Plus Dab Rig A Puffco Plus is a great buy for dabbers. It's essentially a pocket dab rig, and let me tell ya, those three heat settings definitely bring forth those terpenes in your oil big time. And with big puffs of smoke to follow. To snaz up the device, go with the Puffco Vision Plus, which comes in an iridescent tie-dye color for the same price as the metallic Puffco Plus. Price: $89.99 The Tombstone Vape Battery The Tombstone is essentially the double-barrel shotgun version of a vape battery. It allows you to vape two different 510 cartridges at the same time, and get high off a mixture of flavors, versus just one strain like traditional 510 batteries (or even proprietary carts like G Pen Gio, PAX Era, and STIIIZY). Is it necessary to smoke two different oils at once? Absolutely not. Should that stop you from doing it? Absolutely not. Price: $37.99 — Dante Jordan Grinders Jane Parade Gold Grinder Card You ever bought some weed on the go and didn't have a grinder to break it down? So you ended up rolling a clumpy ass joint that burnt weirdly enough to make you wish you would've just bought a pre-roll instead? Same. But this gold grinder card from Jane Parade that can fit into your wallet/pocket is here to solve that problem forever. And it's only 20 smackeroos! Price: $20 Rainbow Astrological Grinder LET'S GET ASTROLOGICAL, BABY. If you wake up every morning and read your horoscope before a lil' morning meditation, this Rainbow Grinder with zodiac signs on its top is the gift for yourself. Seriously, the design is creative and has the “Oh, where'd you get that?!” factor. Price: $26 Grindzilla Luxe Grinder Gold never goes out of style, so you can't go wrong with the Grindzilla from Her Highness NYC. It has three chambers to let you catch all the kief in the world and a pretty dope snake design on the top. Plus, you can't beat the price for such a stylish piece. Price: $36 Marley Natural Wood Grinder $90 for a grinder is a pretty tough ask, but it's hard to argue against the quality of Marley Natural's wooden products. Honestly, that's all there is to say about it. It's a well-made grinder that will last longer than the average grinder rinky-dink out there. Price: $89.99 Tectonic9 Manual Herb Grinder Go, Go, Gadget Grinder. That's how you'll feel using the Tectonic9 Manual “Herb” Grinder. To use it, you grind up your grass manually like with any other 4 piece grinder, but what sets this one apart is once you're done, you use an electronic dispenser to pour the weed out of the side of your grinder, and directly into your bowl or papers. No more spills for you! Price: $56 — Dante Jordan Ashtrays Ashtray and Incense Holder from D:Ceramics If you like to burn incense while lighting up, this ashtray and incense holder by artist Denise Lopez may be the perfect fit. All pieces are one-of-a-kind and handmade to order, and you'll want to allow 2 - 3 weeks for shipment — so maybe make this a late gift to yourself to keep 4/20 going past the holiday. Price: $48 Silicone and Glass Grind On Me Ashtray from Ugly House Decorated with cute cartoon bongs, lighters, and all things weed, the Grind On Me ashtray is both adorable and functional. Its bright silicone wrap protects the glass from breaking, so you won't have to worry about knocking it over or having it get in the way of your dog's ferocious tail wags. Check out Ugly House's Etsy shop for more in stock.  Price: $9.99 The Ashtray from Mae Partnering with designer Joe Doucet, luxury cannabis accessories brand Mae released The Ashtray. Made of brass and plated in rose gold, its sleek design and single joint holder makes it a great option for those celebrating solo.  Price: $95 Hand Blown Cannabis Leaf Ashtray by Kush Panda What's 4/20 without the presence of the cannabis leaf immortalized in glass? This hand-blown ashtray from Kush panda mixes a laid-back style and effortless design for a relaxing weed-filled holiday.  Price: $14.90 Monster Ashtray from The Apollo Box This unique monster ashtray will be a conversation piece the next time you can safely gather with friends and family. Until then, pair this ceramic ashtray with a joint full of Monster OG before celebrating 4/20 with a Cheech and Chong marathon.  Price: $51.97 Thigh High Ashtray from Her Highness Feel extra fancy when you rest your joints on the brass legs of this marble ashtray from Her Highness. The legs will also keep your pre-rolls separate if your indica-loving self and your sativa-loving partner are lighting individual joints before a stony 4/20 dinner.   Price: $90 — Hannah Meadows Rolling Trays Umudyok Designs Hardwood Rolling Tray  This rolling tray from Umudyok Designs is simply beautiful. Handmade by Oakland-based Cassey Dela Pena with real walnut, maple wood, and beeswax, these trays are unique and sophisticated that are equal parts functional and stylish.  Price: $40 RAW Triple Flip Bamboo Magnet Rolling Foldable Tray  As Lindsay MaHarry wrote in her guide to rolling trays, this is the “mac daddy of all rolling trays.” Like the Hardwood Rolling Tray above, if you're looking for a tray that shows a classier, more sophisticated side, these eight beautiful trays are made with sustainable bamboo and lock into place to create one giant rolling station for whatever rolling situation you find yourself in.  Price: $72.99 Wave Tray These triple-curved, high-gloss glaze rolling trays by Brooklyn ceramicist Julianne Ahn are sleek, functional pieces that add a bit of elegance to the joint rolling experience. For the hip, modern stoner who doesn't want to roll on plastic.  Price: $90 Ooze Life Rolling Trays Ahhhh but for the stoners more concerned with getting trippy than having a fancy, expensive rolling tray, let's get weird Enter: Ooze Life. These shatter-resistant glass and metal trays have wonderfully weird and trippy designs that keep the eyes wandering as you roll-up. A few favorites are Imaginarium, Tag, and Space Race. Plus, these rolling trays are affordable, running between $8-$15.  Shop Ooze Life  Glow Tray A co-worker recommended these glow-in-the-dark trays and at first glance, I wondered if they were worth the price ($60-$90) so I asked contributor Dante Jordan what he thought: “Every time I see them I wonder why people are rolling in the dark, lol.” Fair! But the collaborations with Cookies ($60), Alien Labs ($60), and Runtz ($60) and the six multicolor LED lights are too trippy to resist. If you're looking for a trippy time at the party, you're sure to turn heads when you pull one of these Glow Trays from its suede carrying bag.  Shop Glow Tray — Nic Juarez Apparel  Weedmaps apparel It just wouldn't be 4/20 without the stoner-approved drip. Luckily Weedmaps has new designs fresh in stock ready for you to snatch up before the big day. While all the designs are certified fresh, I'm partial to these wavy Extrude Long-sleeve Tee ($32), Wordmark Jogger Pant ($50), and Boarder Dad Hat ($24).  Shop Weedmaps apparel  Cannaboss Party Suit There's always that guy who shows up to the party dressed up in a funny suit ... and maybe that guy is you! If so, thank you for your service, we need you and your conversation-starting suit. If you're looking to make a 4/20 splash, consider this immaculate “Cannaboss Party Suit” with vibrant weed leaves on a black suit.  Price: $69.99 Sundae School  Of all the weed brands with apparel lines, Sundae School is my favorite. All its designs are unique and bold without being audaciously loud. I rock a Navy Logo Cap ($42) most days but recommend checking out these Cherry Blossom Tie-Dye Sweatpants ($95), Yellow Tie-Dye Corduroy Nubi Reversible Jacket ($280), Orange Velvet Smoking Bucket Hat ($42), and [AAPI] Stop Asian Hate Calculator T-Shirt ($42, on sale).  Shop Sundae School Cookies apparel You can't talk about weed apparel without talking about Cookies, Berner's weed and lifestyle brand. Cookies' apparel brings all the Bay Area hype to must-have staples like hoodies, jackets, and jats that should be in every fashion-minded stoner's wardrobe.  Shop Cookies apparel Old Pal  Old Pal's retro-chic style appeals to modern and old-school stoners alike. The concept of “shareable flower” extends to apparel pieces like the “Share the Stoke” pocket shirt ($45), Cosmovision shirt ($45), “It's Just Weed Y'all!” pocket shirt ($45), and 'Pleasure to Treasure” corduroy cap ($36).  Shop Old Pal apparel  — Nic Juarez Jewelry  Cannabis Enamel Pin from Witschy  Designed by Make Heads Turn, you'll want to pin this stony creation to your hat, jacket, lapel, or backpack to keep the good vibes going through 4/20 and beyond.  Price: $10 Iridescent Cannabis Leaf Earrings from Pretty Litty The missing piece to your 4/20 outfit, these iridescent earrings add a bit of dress-up and shine to the classic cannabis leaf. Bonus: the hooks are made of stainless steel, so they're safe for sensitive ears.  Price: $16 Mini Cannabis Adjustable Bracelet from The Charm Spot If you need to be a bit more subtle this 4/20 yet still want to represent, check out this sweet little bracelet design from The Charm Spot. The tiny pot leaf is quite elegant and unassuming, so you can wear it out and about without being too loud.  Price: $32 Functional Glass Micro-Pipe Necklace from Blunted Objects On 4/20, you have to make sure you're completely prepared to take a hit at almost any time. Enter the fully functional Micro-Pipe Necklace from Blunted Objects, you'll never be without when you have this one-hitter right at your chest — just don't forget your lighter.  Price: $45 Mary Me Cannabis Ring from Her Highness Her Highness's adjustable 14k gold-plated cannabis ring is specifically shaped in the form of the sativa plant, so Jack Herer and Sour Diesel lovers may find it to be the perfect accessory for celebrating their favorite flower on their favorite day.  Price: $32 Baggie of Weed Earrings from idlehandsx The stoniest holiday of the year calls for silliness and kitsch, and you'll find both in these mini dime bag earrings. They're a great conversation starter, and you may get a light-hearted laugh or two that will brighten an already lit-up day.  Price: $8.33 — Hannah Meadows Random and weird  Stoned Pet Rock Figurine from FungusGallery  Sweet and hilarious, the classic Pet Rock gets taken to new heights with a stoney version of the 90s hit toy. This funny figurine is handmade ceramic with acrylic paint design and makes the best companion for stoners celebrating 4/20 solo. — HM Price: $10 420 Soy Stoner Candles Been searching for a candle that reminds you of smoking weed? Well, today is your lucky day. Because for a very inexpensive price, you can scoop these 420-scented candles off of Etsy. They're 100% made of soy, and the various aromas are named things like Bong Rips In The Night, Blazed for Dayz, and Munchies, just to name a few. If you get the Munchies candles, they'll come with Cap'n Crunch Berries or Fruit Loops in the wax. — DJ Price: $10.80 Custom My Rolling Tray If you've ever wanted to put your college diploma on a rolling tray (I did, so I did), then a custom rolling tray from My Rolling Tray is here to make your wildest dreams come true. They can turn literally any image you can muster into a tray for your ganja. They've even got a LED glow tray option! You and all of your family members need one of these with your great grandmother's picture on it. — DJ Price: $44.95 Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

Report: PepsiCo launches hemp beverage in Germany

Rockstar Energy, a drink brand owned by PepsiCo, has launched a line of hemp-infused drinks in Germany. Just-Drinks reports that Rockstar Energy + Hemp was released Saturday in three flavors. The drinks contain hempseed extract, caffeine and taurine.
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