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The story of marijuana laced with fentanyl is as prevalent as ever, despite very little evidence of its existence. The story pops up from local law enforcement agencies only to get amended a few days later due to new information. However, the fear these stories evoke remains, and trickles down from the top.

Most recent example is an amendment that was attempted to be added to a fentanyl bill that just passed. The amendment would have studied the existence of marijuana laced with fentanyl. On one hand, this seems like a good thing, considering the conclusion would inevitably be that there isn’t much “there” there. However, this is politics, and the story would be that the studies are happening, as opposed to the results of said studies.

So the amendment didn’t pass a committee.

In the meantime, the fentanyl bill, titled the Halt All Lethal Trafficking of Fentanyl (HALT) Act overwhelmingly passed in the House, and drug advocates are slamming the bill for continuing the trends of a provenly ineffective war on drugs.

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