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Are pesticides getting in marijuana in California?

A report by the LA Times that claims to have tested cannabis products with high levels of pesticides has sent shockwaves through the industry here in California.

There is a threshold for exposure to pesticides within a single product, and the investigation found much higher levels in multiple products. This immediately calls to question how effective the Department of Cannabis Control has been in keeping marijuana products safe.

Immediately, blame was shot across the industry at every angle. Testing labs were sued due to inflated potency tests and a disregard for contaminants, a top selling vape cartridge was recalled along with numerous other products, and brands are beginning to test products themselves.

It is likely that the industry in this state will be slightly altered after all the dust has settled on the issue. For one, you may start seeing “self-tested” certificates or some sort of extra certification slapped on products to ease any concerns about what’s inside. For instance, Catalyst Cannabis CEO told MJBizDaily that he plans to randomly test his products on a rolling basis. Testing every single product is not economically feasible for the company.

Blame may lie all over the map, but if the Department of Cannabis Control hasn’t ensured that the labs are effective, then most of the blame falls on them. Regulation must be top-down.

Here is how they responded to MJBizDaily’s request for comment: “The Department remains focused on increasing its capacity to enforce the regulatory framework set in California law by supporting licensees who adhere to some of the strictest regulatory standards in the nation while continuing to take aggressive enforcement actions across the supply chain on those who do not.”

Notably, no marijuana brand or retailer commented on the story when MJBizDaily asked.

Read the full breakdown at MJBizDaily.

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