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Best CBD Gummies out there for Sleep

It’s pretty common to have some difficulty getting to sleep these days. Although it seems most of the problem lies with all of our immense screen time, fixing that is easier said than done.

Luckily CBD is both super equipped for this problem and very legal across the country. And The Daily World put together a helpful list of the most effective CBD products for getting a good night’s rest. Although, to be honest, the article is written weirdly and doesn’t seem to have done much research. So we’ll take their list and run with it a bit!

Here’s an overview of the list.

  1. Royal CBD
    • Different potency levels (25 mg and 10 mg)
    • Lots of transparency
    • Top name in the market
    • Third party Lab Tests
    • Downside: Very expensive ($79 for 25mg gummies)
  2. Gold Bee
    • Third party Lab Tests
    • Honey flavored
    • Slightly less expensive than Royal CBD
    • But, not by much, and only one option for 25 mg gummies (running at $69).
  3. Blessed CBD
    • Probably the best in the UK
    • Organic
    • The most transparent: lab tests viewable to noncustomers
    • Big downside: Only available in the UK
    • Other downside: Still expensive, at about $75 in euros.
  4. Green Roads
    • So far, seem like the best option.
    • Different options, including some gummies that also have melatonin.
    • The cheapest yet, at $50 for a bottle
    • Downside: Not organic, no transparency
  5. CBDfx
    • Interesting options: 5mg and 40mg gummies
    • A gummy with added melatonin to aide in sleep
    • Downside: Lots of added sugar in these
  6. cbdMD
    • Organic hemp
    • A 50mg variety
    • Decently priced ($60 for the 25mg option)
    • Downside: maybe don’t taste the best
  7. Charlotte’s Web
    • Very popular brand
    • Have a melatonin variety
    • Lots of options
    • One of the oldest brands on the market
    • Decently priced ($70 for a 25mg bottle with 60 gummies, which is double the amount for the same price as Gold Bee)
  8. PlusCBD
    • Some interesting ingredients (organic seaweed extract)
    • Great prices ($45 for a 60 count of 10mg gummies)
    • Sleep-focused options
    • Downside: No 25mg option
  9. Medterra
    • “Sleep Tight” Gummies seem to be doing well
    • 25mg doses
    • Good ingredients, like chamomile and lemon balm
    • Not great pricing ($60 for a 30 count bottle of 25mg)
  10. Joy Organics
    • Was specifically created because the founder couldn’t find a good option to help her sleep
    • Great taste
    • Decent pricing ($40 for 10mg 30 count)
    • Downside: Only one Gummy option

Really, it seems they’re all good options. It really depends on the aspect you prioritize.

Read the original list at The Daily World.

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