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California Marijuana Dispensaries at 100% Compliance Rates for ID Checks

California has been doing a really good job at preventing under aged people from entering and then purchasing from cannabis shops. In the state of California, over the last few months tests have been done to see whether these cannabis shops are checking for IDs. Researchers sent people who looked underage into 50 different marijuana shops within the state. “It was somewhat surprising that there was 100 percent compliance with the ID policy to keep underage patrons from purchasing marijuana directly from licensed outlets,” the authors of the study, published this month in the Journal of Safety Research, wrote.

These researchers also found that other states where marijuana is completely legal such as Colorado and Washington also had 100% compliance rates. When asked why the researchers believe this is the case, they stated, “It appears that licensed California recreational marijuana outlets avoid selling marijuana to underage customers. One reason could be a strong incentive for recreational marijuana outlet owners and managers to avoid being shut down for an illegal activity.” Anyone who sells cannabis to underage patrons in California faces up to six months in jail time and a large fine for first offences. Offences after that could shut down the marijuana business for good.

Other states have been testing their dispensaries, but no other research has been released yet. More updates on ID checks to come.

Read the unedited article here.

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