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Oregon Finally Unveils Rules for the Country’s First Mushroom Therapy Program

The Oregon Health Authority has released its first batch of rules for an upcoming program for Psilocybin Therapy. The planned date for enactment is January 2023.

Most of the rules were shaped around public comment given between April 1st and 22nd of this year.

The biggest decision made was that only one species of mushroom will be allowed in the program, Psilocybe Cubensis. There are around 200 species of the mushroom that are psychoactive.

To avoid the risk associated with deadly, poisonous look-alikes and the potential for wood lover’s paralysis and animal-borne pathogens, OPS has upheld this recommendation in final rules. That said, although raw manure is prohibited, finished compost is allowed. OPS looks forward to consideration of additional species in the future through continued dialog with the public and recommendations from the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board,” said a letter by Oregon Psilocybin Services.

There are expected to be more rules released in the fall before the program begins, and from the looks of this large initial rule, it seems the program will begin conservatively before expanding its scope throughout next year.

Read the letter here.

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