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Cannabis Legalization Doesn’t Increase Alcohol, Nicotine, Pain Reliever Usage, Study Shows

Some new studies published by the University of Washington show that after marijuana legalization, consumption of other substances like alcohol and cigarettes fall significantly. This new study tested trends in alcohol, cigarettes, and non-prescribed pain reliever use amongst young adults aged 18-25. Some 12,500 young adults were studied, and results showed that contrary to popular belief, legalization reduced usage in these substances.

The University of Washington issued this statement in the report, “Contrary to concerns about spillover effects, implementation of legalized non-medical cannabis coincided with decreases in alcohol and cigarette use and pain reliever misuse.” Although in the past many have believed that legalizing cannabis would lead to increase in substance use, this study has revolutionized that belief.

In the conclusion of the report, the authors stated, “Our findings add to evidence that the legalization of non-medical cannabis has not led to dramatic increases in the use of alcohol, cigarettes, and non-prescribed opioids. … The findings indicate that the most critical public health concerns surrounding cannabis legalization and the evolution of legalized cannabis markets may be specific to cannabis use and related consequences.” More updates on this issue to come.

Read the unedited article here.

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