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Delta-8 THC ruled to be federally legal by court

When the Farm Bill was enacted in 2018, it seems that not all of the information on the complex cannabis plant was known, and a loophole has formed in the shape of delta-8 THC, which also contains psychoactive components and legalized along with the rest of the hemp plant via that bill.

Since the discovery of delta-8, an initial wave of products followed by a banning or regulating of such products flowed across the country, although half of the US still allow delta-8.

Now, however, the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals has ruled that the Farm Bill effectively legalized anything that didn’t have more than 0.3 percent delta-9 THC by weight, and that of course would include delta-8. It was a 3-0 ruling.

This is the role of the judicial system, to read complaints against the law and judge whether it is breaking already defined and enacted legislation. If any large action was to be taken against delta-8, it would have to come from the legislative branch, and in the time of more and more support for marijuana legalization, that seems like a very unpopular issue for any politicians to take up.

So we’ll jot this down as one point for the delta-8 enthusiasts, and this is what happens when lawmakers create legislation based on fields they don’t know enough about.

Read the original story at Marijuana Moment.

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