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Cannabis Lounges become legal in Nevada

While Nevada legalized marijuana, it was not legal to smoke cannabis anywhere outside of a private residence. That left lots of tourists out of the loop, and left with no good options but to break the law when consuming marijuana in the state.

Now, that’s been fixed with regulations finally being approved for the opening of cannabis lounges.

Last summer, the Governor signed a bill that would allow for lounges to open, but since then, a long and complicated process of deciding on regulations began, only to finally be approved today.

The regulations are in-depth, including provisions that outline ways to limit workers’ exposure to the smoke, and assurances that the smoking itself will not be visible from the outside of the building.

They can also not sell alcohol or tobacco products in the facility.

65 total licenses will be given out in the state with an eye towards social equity. 45 of the licenses will be for pre-existing dispensaries, and 20 will be for new lounges independent of a dispensary. 10 of these 20 will be given out to social equity applicants.

Read the original post on Cannabis Business Times.

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