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Is Microdosing Psychedelics all just a Placebo?

The practice of microdosing either LSD or mushrooms has become more and more prominent in our culture over the years. It seems like a great stopgap before a hallucinogenic trip for those a tad intimidated by the loss of control that ensues from diving in headfirst. The rewards are simple and pleasant – a better sense of peace and a boost in happiness are experiences with microdosing we hear about over and over.

However, the science around the act is still very nascent, and the difference between an effective microdose and a placebo is extremely difficult to discern.

An article over at Green Market Report has compiled a few studies that have shown how positive effects still remains anecdotal, how studies are only showing the upsides to microdosing, and one showing how the effects of a real microdose and a placebo were about the same.

This article came out at the same time of another study showing how microdosing demonstrates “greater observed improvements in mood and mental health at one month relative to non-microdosing controls” that was published in Nature Scientific Reports.

Yet placebo remains a consistent problem. The study describes how some blinds have been ruined in the past by participants correctly identifying which of the two they have been given during the study.

“In sum, extant longitudinal studies have observed positive effects associated with microdosing but have not been able to confidently estimate the direct pharmacological contributions to such effects,” says the study’s authors.

So much more needs to be done, but in the meantime, there seems to be very little harm (except to your wallet) in taking part in some microdosing. At best, it can improve your daily life in a very tangible way, and at worst, you’ll be more observant to your attitude as you traverse through the day. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Read the Green Market Report article here.


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