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Germany Will Legalize Marijuana Soon, Many Other European Countries To Follow

Germany is next up to legalize marijuana in the 21st century. According to multiple sources including the Guardian, Germany is moving forward with new laws that would legalize both recreational and medical marijuana for those above the age of 21.

According to draft paperwork, Germany is looking to introduce a cannabis shop style format like here in the United States. Currently, medical cannabis is sold through pharmacies within the country. If recreational marijuana is legalized, both rec and medical marijuana would be bought and sold at dispensary style shops.

Germany also plans on regulating their marijuana market relatively strictly. This includes restricting the THC levels within the cannabis. Many within the government are aiming for no more than 15% THC within the recreational cannabis.

The legalization of cannabis in Germany would be a huge step for Europe. With Germany leading the way, many other countries within the region could encounter a domino effect, legalizing one after another. If Germany does choose to legalize within the next few years, we can expect to see the whole of Europe legalize within the next few decades.

Read the unedited article here.

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