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News Organizations, Including This One, Keeps Getting Thailand Weed Legalization Wrong

An article was written in the Bangkok division of Coconuts that tries to set the record straight on the decriminalization of marijuana that recently happened in Thailand.

Apparently, large media organizations relied on the echo chamber of false information for their reporting instead of going to the source. We were also guilty of this, unfortunately.

Many articles described a legalization of marijuana, but a cap of 0.2% THC, which would effectively ban anything substantial. Turns out, this is entirely false.

“In truth, there are currently no laws regulating cannabis. Instead, there is a legal vacuum since it was removed from the list of controlled substances on May 9. Not even an age limit. That’s because lawmakers were slow to act on a bill that would regulate its use. It only passed first reading Wednesday and is likely months away from enactment unless emergency measures are taken,” says Coconuts.

The article goes on to say that the only way law enforcement could tamp down marijuana-use in public is to use public nuisance laws which tamp down on unruly behavior.

As for the 0.2% cap on THC? That was simply a misunderstanding of the initial government order that actually used this cap for “cannabis-infused food products”.

This all should lead to a slightly unfortunate lesson, which is that nothing in media can be taken as fact, no matter the source, until it’s taken all the way to its source. We at OtOrtal have certainly taken that to heart.

Read the original article at Coconuts Bangkok.

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