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Cannabis packaging becoming a bit of a burden

Canada has now had legal marijuana for about two and half years, and some of those high bars that were set in the beginning to get the bill passed are now being questioned.

For instance, the huge amount of packaging that is needed.

Because marijuana is a dry flower, there doesn’t need to be as much packaging for longer travels, as long as it doesn’t reach high temperatures.

Less packaging would cut costs and overall simplify the process of shipment, eventually making things cheaper for consumers and keeping legal weed one step ahead of the black market.

However, the one thing that’s in the way of stripping some of that cardboard is the need for childproofing the openings. Cutting back on these regulations will be steep hill to climb.

A video on Coast Reporter dives into this a little bit more, with a pretty logical conclusion. The legalization of marijuana requires many sacrifices at first in order to pass through the weediness of legislation. But after laws are enacted, and marijuana is put out into the world, we can finally start to piece together the difference between a necessary limitation and one that gets in the way of progress. A shedding of the latter seems to be the next step.

Check out the video over at Coast Reporter, I frustratingly can’t embed it here.

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