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Children Eating Edibles is up 1375%

The problem with the way marijuana edibles are being advertised is well documented at this point. There are still many places in the country where you can buy edibles that look like skittles, or gushers, or nerd ropes, or really anything.

The obvious problem this creates is the attraction of a young audience. Seeing a packaging that looks sweet and delicious, a child might pick up one of these products laying around the house and devour way too many in one sitting.

Turns out, this is exactly what is happening at an accelerated rate. In 2017, 207 of these cases were reported to the National Poison Data System. In 2021, that number shot up to 3,054 cases. Of these three thousand exposures, 22.7% were admitted to a hospital. Most concerningly, children between the ages of 2 and 4 were found to be the ones most likely to consume these edibles.

Edibles are extremely easy to find, and are becoming more and more popular for people who don’t want to go through the hassle of ingesting smoke into their lungs.

It’s a no-brainer marketing move, to associate your THC product with a very popular candy brand, but the danger here is clearly overpowering it’s brand efficiency. In terms of regulation, I’m certainly on board for banning this type of product.

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